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People are slowly cluing in that the Obamacare that actually exists is much different, and much better, than the version of Obamacare that only exists on Fox News.


Give it another year and a half by election day. By then Repubs will refuse to call it Obamacare and call it “the ACA”. If not 2016 election, by the 2018 midterms for sure. They have already admitted they are going to give up on their laughable failure to repeal it 50+ times. Talk about slow learners!


The true sign of the end times will be when they start claiming credit for it - “Well, it was all based on our original idea!”


Bah! Just wait until the secret Death Panels complete their first round of secret deliberations and issue their first “humane euthanasia orders.” Yeah, sure, a lot of people will be relieved that their angry old uncle who sits around listening to Limbaugh and Fox all day and farting angry denunciations of These Kids Today, Those People and Obama, Obama, Obama has disappeared without any muss or fuss, but just wait until they come for your lovable old Meemaw.


When the GOP embraces it, which may or may not happen by the end of this cycle, it’ll be “GipperCare” in all their PR.

And if you don’t send them half your Social Security check every month, those dastardly Democrats will take it away from you!

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How about we just target a Predator drone on every bingo parlor in Florida? Clean, simple, surgical.

Worth noting: that 42% includes a lot of people who have an unfavorable opinion of Obamacare because it’s not a single-payer national health service.

It’s extremely difficult to accurately poll the question that amounts to “if there were only these two choices, would you rather have Obamacare or the old way,” but in something like that the ACA would pick up ten or fifteen points easily.


That will happen. First they have to stop talking about it, which is starting to happen now. Then, when their base has moved on to new things to hate, they will start taking credit for it, and you will NEVER see a republican call it Obamacare. After all, they added a ton of amendments (even though they didn’t vote for it…not a single republican voted for ACA), and it based upon the Heritage plan that was implemented in Massachusetts by Romney.


Now Hillary finally will explicitly support it–political courage is not her strong suit.



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And I’m still steaming that so many Dems ran away from Obamacare during the last election.


The goal is also to euthanize before the person becomes eligible for Social Security.

I have been saying the same thing since the day it passed. By 2018 it will be the Republicans that passed it.

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It’s coming in 3, 2, 1…

You know it.

Well that’s because those death panels have been killing off those who disapprove of it.


She only voted for it when she was in the Senate to get it passed.

(rolls eyes)

The Hillary Derangement Syndrome bags another one.

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Obama totally bitch-slapped them when he owned the term “Obamacare.” They made that term as if to be a derogatory word. Instead, it’s going to be used for years after he’s gone. I think you’re probably correct. They are going to try their hardest to rewrite the history that’s already written because they hate the black guy in the white house so much.

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