Discussion: This Chart: Gun Control Support Spikes Up For The First Time Since Newtown

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“Gun Safety Reform” PLEASE! Language is everything!


Give it a couple months. Calling it gun safety reform probably a good idea. Planned Parenthood vs abortion clinic, etc.

11 percent would like to see laws loosened up.

IMO the more we see and hear the arguments from these 11% the better.

Well, this chart just offers more proof that we need to loosen gun laws and cut taxes.

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Yeah, that’s why “progressives” is working so well for the Democrats. Fine, why not “Human Safety Reform?”

That better?

Well, if the Good Guy With a Gun would JUST FUCKING SHOW UP, the numbers on this chart would plummet, Right, Wayne?

…or legislation to address gun violence. Who could be against that.

It is very progressive and should be done…to actually bring our country into the 21st century and denying conservatives from keeping us in the 18th century. It is called PROGRESS towards a more safe country for our fellow citizens. .

Look out GOP…You think you have the ‘social issues’ on your side. This is the new progressive social issue that could make you look even more heartless than you already are politically (i.e. women’s choice, immigration, wage gap etc). Keep the movement (even if it is in its infancy going). I have already contacted my blue state senators to keep this moving forward.

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This graph indisputably shows that ALEC/NRA actions to lessen restrictions on gun availability and carry have long extremely unpopular with the American public. So why are so successful in getting their way with elected officials and the general media? It is deadly obscenity that a clear and longstanding majority of Americans don’t have effective leaders who will harness their opinions for effective, non-partisan reform.


language does matter. think what the difference would have been if it was Black Lives Matter, Too.

Today, while 73% of Democrats support gun control, only 26% of Republicans favor gun control.

Words are hard … maybe a picture will help them?!


Good, that means we are one step closer to not passing gun control legislation again. Yay!

Since your Congress has decided that we shouldn’t be informed, re, the role
of guns in America, I recommend “Gun Violence Archivehttp://www.gunviolencearchive.org
for an unflinching look at how the 1/3 of Americans that have guns are using them.

[Hit the “Last 72 Hours” tab, if you can take it]

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The majority want sensible gun laws and regulations and less guns. The lawmakers for the most part do too. But, we aren’t fighting against smarts or sane lawmakers, we are up against a major marketing firm and an industry that will sacrifice us all for two more nickels without losing a bit of sleep.

The gun sickness starts at the top. Without LaPierre and the NRA and the gun manufactures’ money, we would’ve handled this, we would’ve done the wise thing, the obvious thing. But nooooooooo, this heartless gun circle can only see dollar bills and blood doesn’t faze them.
The fight begins and ends with these death merchants, the suckers that fall for the fear campaign are definitely not the brains behind the problem and for damned sure aren’t the money.

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