Discussion: Theresa May Says UK Seeks Further Brexit Delay In Attempt To Break Logjam

Again, we have entered absurd territory. The EU Parliamentary Elections are set for May 23 to May 26 in 27 countries! The UK would have to hold those elections if it does not crash out within 7 weeks. Campaigning is already underway elsewhere. You could see a situation in early May where suddenly Brits are supposed to get enthused about their EU reps because they decided through indecision to remain a few more years or more.


There are lots of colorful expressions that could be used to describe May’s situation.

I’ll just go with “nightmare.”


Cameron is an idiot.


“We need a few more months to continue searching for the unicorn. We just know it’s out there.”


May, you are the logjam. Hold a second referendum if you really want to do the people’s will.


I have the perfect solution to this problem. Hold another referendum with 3 choices:

  1. no-deal hard brexit

  2. brexit on the May plan

  3. remain

  4. and 2) will split the idiot vote and guarantee that remain wins.

Problem solved.


It’s no deal or no Brexit. There’s no other option. Here’s hoping they choose the latter. This is almost as dumb as making Trump president. The English speaking world is not looking too hot right now.



A textbook example of how not to run a country.


Or, y’know, you could still just withdraw the article 50 notification, resign and spend the rest of your life cleaning toilets in a refugee camp as penance.

The most terrifying thought is that when all this is done, May will become a pundit.

What a bunch of useless tossers.

Someone said somewhere the other day that the Brexit nonsense is like electing Trump every week.

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Here’s what May said:

  • May blinks on a ‘no deal Brexit’ and agrees to an Article 50 extension;
  • May wants her negotiated withdrawal deal to be the anchor of a Brexit deal;
  • She’s willing to negotiate on the ‘future relationship’ piece (translation: customs union/common mkt);
  • She will concede to indicative votes on ‘future relationship’ piece (i.e. Parliament can decide and she’ll support);
  • No EU elections.

May’s approach would attempt to eliminate ‘no deal’ Brexit and new referendum or confirmatory vote options. About half of her cabinet wants to crash out of the EU with a hard Brexit. The other half does not. She went against the Brexiteers here.

However, the fundamental issue is that the Labour/left coalition objects to her withdrawal agreement. May continues to mislead folks when she says the EU won’t reopen the agreement she negotiated with them. The EU, especially Donald Tusk, has repeatedly said that the EU would be willing to be flexible once Parliament says ‘yes’ to something.

The deal which I think gets this over the line is the following:

  • Article 50 Extension;
  • A ‘future relationship’ deal that includes the Common Market and Customs Union soft Brexit options that have garnered decent support within the Parliament;
  • A confirmatory vote;
  • A new election; and
  • Participation in the EU elections to induce the EU to be flexible with the UK.

We’ll see what happens next.

At this point the EU should pretty much just tell the Brits to bugger off and be done with it already. This is getting unseemly.

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The obvious solution is (or rather would have been) to put those three options on the ballot in a referendum and let the people decide the issue now that they know the promises of Brexiteers were empty and unattainable. I don’t think there’s time now, but if the EU grants an extension (which would include UK hold EU elections as scheduled – I never understood why that’s a problem) they could hold the referendum.

I don’t agree that “remain” would win, but it would probably get a plurality given the idiot Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbin somehow supports Brexit. So the next step would be another referendum of the top two selections.

Thus far, everyone in the UK government has been angling for their preferred choice to go head-to-head with “no deal” since that one would win by a wide margin. So May has INSISTED that her deal is the poo and everyone has to take a big bite and cancelling the whole thing is somehow unthinkable even if that’s what a majority now support. No doubt that would end the Tory party, and if Corbin switched sides and called for a referendum, it would likely happen now. He was stupid for backing Brexit at all, but that’s the nature of idiots thinking immigrants are taking blue-collar jobs from natives. (Actually, it’s a combination of automation and globalisation – UK spelling intention.)

Brexit was stupid from the start, like opting into a civil war, pretty much like what this country stumbled into when the Electoral College let Trump stole the office. If we get rid of him in 2020 or sooner, we can recover. If Brexit happens, the UK is toast as a single nation as Scotland will demand independence and Northern Ireland will tell the Queen to sod-off. If Brexit doesn’t happen, a lot of assholes will be REALLY mad that their ruse didn’t hold, and probably start a terrorist organisation (UK spelling intentional again), but with fountain pens rather than bombs.


What. A. Clusterfuck.

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“He wakes me up every morning meowing to death because he wants to go out, and then when I open the door he stays put, undecided, and then glares at me when I put him out,” Loiseau said.


Brilliant analogy!