Discussion: There's A Crazy New Twist In The Louisiana Guv Race's Bizarre Coffee Shop Incident

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Proof that there is a gawd:


This is Louisiana politics we’re talking about. This is the first “crazy new twist” of many before the election.


Who dey?

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Okay, this story is getting too complicated. I’ll just wait for the movie version to come out on Netflix and binge watch it.


Bad thing though, Ottnott, is that those are the areas that reliably vote Democratic. If you draw a line across LA through Lake Charles, Baton Rouge and Hammond, the standard is: Below the line Democratic, Above the Line Republican


My hope is that stubborn denialism will weed out a few Republicans. The Democrats will accept the models and projections of scientists and will retreat ahead of the seawater. The Republicans will remain behind, chest deep in water and insisting that it is just some unseasonable humidity.


I watched the Wendy Ellis interview. It’s most definitely true, and very sad and moving.

A fellow from Nawlans’ with whom I was in grad school remarked on more than one occasion that politicians in Louisiana and, as he used to say, “The Big Sleazy’,” usually serve two terms: One in office and one in prison.

There’s a long tradition of political crazeeee’ in LA___ From Huey and Earl Long, to Eddie Edwards to Diaper Dave Vitters and Piyush.


Is this going to be on the Lifetime Movie Channel? I don’t get Showtime…

True Detective Season #1, I’m tellin’ ya.

ETA: Minus the pedophilia but just barely.

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It’s not a meeting. It’s a social thing. The PI is friends with the people at the table. He’s a veteran cop.

In other words: The always well informed and rational voters in Louisiana are going to elect Diaper Boy as their next Guv in a veritable landslide.

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OK so schmuck Vitter is 12 down in the race for “guv’ner” in what used to be a great state.He can also run for Senate in 2016. So he can “lose” all the way to his Senatorial pension.
In short, who cares?
There’s no way Louisiana is going to dump this loser, no matter his past, present, or future.
Good folks down there need to be rid of him just as much as Piyush, who can (and will) run for “guv’ner” in another four years time anyhow…
He’s a thought to curdle your Tabasco sauce:
Vitter wins and appoints Piyush to the Senate.
Scared yet?

Someone will call me out for tone trolling, but fuck it.

It is a typical right wing move to call Barack Obama “Hussein” in a cheap manner of “othering” him. He name was given to him by his parents, and what really matters are his words and actions. People could argue on that basis, but it is a lazy and empty tactic to emphasize his foreign sounding name instead.

Ryokyo, what reason do you have for calling Bobby Jindal “Piyush.” He goes by Bobby. He says and does plenty of things that we can condemn. But to other him by using his foreign sounding name is just as lazy as when right wingers do it.

I work with many people who weren’t born in the US, and many of them pick American names in order to fit in better and make it easier for us 'mericans to say their names.


Vitter sounds like a classic Edwin Edwards Democrat at this point. He’s practically promising that if elected, he will be running his reelection from a jail cell! Well, they’ve been warned!

My original name was unpronounceable in English but if someone called me it on the campaign trail it would not bother me. We are not at war with Indians but it can be said we are at war with a radical Arab faction so the ‘Hussein’ jab has a different connotation but it is his name and he does not try to hide it. I remember Bush Sr. calling ‘Pete’ DuPont “Pierre” in a GOP debate back in the 70’s. Guess my point is that all things being equal it’s fair game if your point is that the person is a phony … have to admit I think Jindal is a consummate phony.

I’m assuming that since a donor to John Bel Edwards was sitting at the same table with someone connected to Wendy Ellis, Vitter will now cry that John Bel Edwards is the one behind this big awful conspiracy to persecute a good Louisiana Christian.

Will the voters buy it?
Well, just like Vitter’s favorite outfit: Depends.

Proof there are stupid people who put economic and ideological interests ahead of the people’s.

Oh, those little scamps. Isn’t Louisiana politics so fun? Part of a long sad history of bad governance and corrupt politics.