Discussion: The Women Who Changed The Course Of The Oregon Standoff

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…a brassy, 45-year-old Second-Amendment -loving Nevada assemblywomen…

That’s one hell of a charitable description of Michele Fiore, Miss Fox.


I think Ms. Fox is giving this NRA-funded media whore way too much credit. Chickenshit Fry would’ve come out with or without Hall’s presence, if nothing else due his desire to again wear a pair un-soiled underwear.

Indeed, I think Hall displayed her classlessness by not inviting Oily Taint to accompany her to the show. Talk about a glory hog.


Not sure why…
I feel like I just accidentally clicked on a “suggested for you sponsored content” pane on the bottom of cnn.


the one thing I’d give Ms Fiore credit for is drawing Pappy Cliven out to face his arrest warrant…


TPM, east of Huffington Post, just past People Magazine.


So because they talked one of their fellow travelers out of a suicidal last stand that would have done the “movement” more harm than good we are suppose to ignore that they are fellow travelers or the role their rhetoric and rhetoric from like mind individuals played in bringing the situation about in the first place?


I believe Michele Fiore deserves more credit for saving the lives of the last 4 occupiers than the article portrays. From listening to the live feed, they had no trust in the FBI and were “prepared to be murdered” by the FBI Wednesday night. Using her “motherly instincts” and compassion, Michele was able to gain their trust, convince them the FBI was not going to attack on Wednesday night, convince them other people cared about their welfare, and get them to believe they had more reasons to live than die for the cause. In my view, this is the primary reason why the standoff ended peacefully with only one death.


Wow! A “constitutional educator,” a co-conspirator and enabler, another co-conspirator and hairdresser, and a woman whose 44 DD bra size is exactly the same as her I.Q. helped. ~goosebumps!~
Strange indeed! Now…time to move on.

Whenever Fiore is involved, one must mention boobies. I’m doing better…


And for only $24.99 you can get her sexy Guns 'n Jugs calendar!


I’m sorry - I started reading her story and very quickly decided, boring. I’m fine with legitimate grievances but not with those of petulant children. Gets old fast.


I was listening to the whole thing. Start to finish. I think both of these women drove the urge to commit suicide far more than they prevented it. Also, I loved when David said he wasn’t Christian and all of a sudden Hall turned on him…LOL. This whole thing was a trainwreck. Start to finish. Fiore’s best contribution, as someone else stated…was inadvertently coaxing Cliven out of his hole to be arrested.

My advice to KrisAnne Hall…If you’re going to sell your Miss Cleo snake oil version of the constitution to people who are intellectually fragile and mentally ill enough to believe you…Maybe you should get your law license back, so you can put your money where your mouth is and defend them in court…after you’ve lead them off a cliff. Just sayin…your credibility as a “lawyer” would be a lot more impressive if you were actually allowed to practice law.


She’s going to replace Harry Reid in the Senate, isn’t she?

And with this “news”, TPM returns to its regularly scheduled programming.


So let’s keep this in perspective. The real standoff/occupation was already over when these last 4 clowns were making fools of themselves on youtube. So the efforts of Hall and Fiore were notable in that they appeared to get 4 d-string players who showed up late to the party and overstayed their welcome (even among the real players) to not pull the Finicum and die by cop is good news but is not IMO what ended the standoff. Hell these clowns were not even occupying the buildings, but were staying down the road in a tarp covered shack…

Lets not forget that Fiore was ginning up the real occupiers weeks earlier.

she is am much contributor as hero IMO

Sweet god this ‘article’ is a piece of shit.

" It was an 18-year-old woman who provided one of the first accounts of LaVoy Finicum’s death that was quickly spun into a martyrdom narrative, "

Sharp lied with her portrayal of the suicide of finicum with her ‘how poor lavoy was just standing there minding his business when the FBI just shot him dead’ non-sense. Further inciting an already bad situation. The video clearly shows what happened and shows that her rendition was spun by her.


I think the only reason these people gave up…is because ultimately they didn’t want to die. Fiore and Hall’s efforts to kill them, not withstanding. I damned near succumbed to suicide myself listening to their nonsensical blathering!

I did find David’s last grievance about the Feds denying him pot particularly amusing. Pair that with his rant about UFOs.

This was the mentally ill leading the mentally ill. It’s pretty amazing no one died. Thank God for the cool headed FBI.


Not a chance. LOL!

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You should point out in your article that FBI video showed Fincum was, in fact, trying to pull a gun out when he was shot by FBI agents defending selves, and that Cox was clearly LYING in her martyrdom account.


Fiore, it appears, is on her way back to Nevada with her posse…now that IS “posse”! Don’t go there! (⊙.⊙(⊙ₒ☉)⊙.⊙)

BTW: Wonder if she ~snicker!~ got ol’ Ryan Bundy out. She said, “As an office holder, I am going to demand the release of Ryan Bundy.”

rotflmao: Oh Michele! That’s not how it works. That’s not how it works at all…you BOOB’! (sorry)


Home grown terrorism sure gets different treatment than that furrin kind.