Discussion: 'The Wire' Creator: Violent Rioters, Don't Lose This Moment For Us In Baltimore

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As with all these situations, the destruction and violence have become the story. The fraction who are acting out have overshadowed the many who are justifiably demanding structural change. Fox News and the white supremacists are having a field day, and even the “liberal media” is consumed.

I think that we’ve got to see that a riot is the language of the unheard.

Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King


On the other hand, why will I probably not be surprised when, after things have calmed down, the commission report will say that the death and funeral were mere merely a catalyst. That the root causes of the violence were long standing grievances and poor relationships with the police, intractable unemployment, a poor education system, lack of training programs for youth. In short, a general neglect of a poor community. These were some of the root causes behind the Watts Riots in L.A. I remember, because I was just about ready to go into college at the time and, being born into a white, middle class, blue-collar family, I was lucky enough to be living in Huntington Beach, CA. We could see the glow of the fires from there. The sad fact though was that few of the McCone commission’s recommendations for dealing with these problems were ever implemented.

Despite this report, little was done to remedy the poor conditions under
which Los Angeles’ African American residents lived. The riot lives on
today in American history as a horrifying reminder of the violence such
treatment can lead to. It was neither the first nor the last race riot
in Los Angeles—a fact which illustrates all too well that the path to
equality and justice is long.



Mr. Simon needs to address the cause of the riot before excoriating the effect of abuse by the police, state attorney’s office, and courts with their pro-cop rulings that makes these thugs (cops) feel they have NOTHING to worry about.

Why not simply keep your mouth shut? Ah, you have noble things to utter.

He’s been addressing it for years. Simon’s life’s work has been about the effect of police abuse, war on drugs, poverty, racism on these communities …


Precisely. Whenever this happens, the MSM and the know-it-alls and the blathering nincompoop politicians all lament the “violence” and the “self-destruction” and how “counterproductive” it is and something something opining in ways that indicate a knee-jerk tendency to latch onto explanations that have as their premise that there is something endemic, something inherently wrong with these communities that they resort to these “tactics” and this “behavior” in order to express their frustration. This time they seem to have hardcore latched onto this “where are their parents” talking point meme, but it takes other forms as well.

The reality is this: everything they are saying shows just how much they are part of the problem. The fact is we are talking about communities who are consistently and ardently expressing themselves in peaceful ways, approaching the government and their representatives and community leaders in the appropriate manner AND THEY ARE CONSISTENTLY AND SYSTEMATICALLY IGNORED in response. Ralph’s 100% on the money when he uses the word “NEGLECT” in his post. These simpering asshats on the boobtube and in the papers and the conservative jackholes who use this as their opportunity to belittle and demean these communities are, in fact, merely highlighting just how much ignorance is birthed from said neglect. They wax surprised and horrified and ask idiot questions about why these communities don’t protest and seek redress of their grievances in a peaceful manner BECAUSE THEY HAVE FAILED TO PAY ATTENTION TO THE 99.999% OF THE TIME DURING WHICH THESE COMMUNITIES ARE DOING JUST THAT. They’ve been ignored the whole fucking time they’ve been doing exactly what these dimwitted fucktards are now sitting around wondering “why don’t they do that instead of throw a riot?” And the ignorance is WILLFUL. It’s on purpose. By deliberately ignoring years and years of and instance after instance of these communities making peaceful attempts to bring attention to their plight and use legitimate processes and avail themselves of their “representative” gov’t in order to get the help that is needed, these fuckers in the MSM and the GOP and what-not get to finally, at long last, turn their attention to the situation ONLY when there’s a riot and ask oh-so-smugly “why can’t they do this peacefully?” as if there is something intrinsically…nay, GENETICALLY…wrong with these communities that they are incapable of civilized discourse and debate. It’s then all used as the excuse for continuing to neglect the underlying problems and continuing to ignore the myriad peaceful pleas that have been and continue to be made and, most importantly, to tell themselves that they’re not bad people for going back to ignoring the whole situation because “look at how awful those people behaved…how can they expect us to make an effort to help when they act like that?”

The watched pot never boils. The ignored pot boils over. It’s that fucking simple.

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