Discussion: The VA Paid $13K In 3 Months For A Top Official’s Cross-Country Commute

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When I was a snivel servant in D.C., little did I realize that if I had simply gotten my duty station listed as “Reston, VA,” I could have gotten Uncle Sugar to pay my Metrobus and Metrorail expenses!


They loves them those veterans, don’t they?


Come on, that’s only $1,000 per week in taxpayer revenue. That’s chump change in the Trump Badministration.


Sorry, but that amount is nothing compared to all the golf trips tRump has taken and the millions spent to do it. Those costs should be in the news every day. The party of fiscal responsibility, right. :angry:


These fiscal conservatives sure do like to stick it to the tax-payers.


It may be Trump er chump change, but it has an underlying feel of cronyism again. It can also show a lack of commitment. In a business, there can be lot of grumbling around the office if the position is expected to anchor at location.

But considering the habits of the president, it is par for course.

Have to admit, for all the yelling over Obama, it is a stretch to believe the same people yelling, give not a sliver of concern over Donald’s trips to Florida.


There’s nothing “conservative” about these fraudulent thieves. They use the term “conservative” as part of their con.They’re hypocrites and grifters.


Wow, have things changed! My husband was an Army Corps of Engineers employee. He was in charge of economic studies for the Midwest region. The rules for travel, reimbursement, and documentation for his trips was so stringent that he got a separate credit card that he used for work travel. Turning in inaccurate information, going above the allotted dollar amount for hotel rooms, booking first class, could get you fired.


If you were to add up all the unauthorized and unethical tax payer perks all these people have given themselves with our money, I think we’d be looking at hundreds of millions of dollars in the last two years. Like I said a couple of weeks ago, these people are stealing us blind and getting away with it. Even though there is some oversight now in some respect, there are basically no consequences or legal action being taken to recoup these losses to our treasury.

This swamp that is the tRump maladministration is one big grifting operation, meant to give already rich appointees a lot of freebies, all at our expense. Look at DeVos…she ripped us off with private protection services by the US Marshals, and that awful woman is a fucking billionaire. She could’ve easily hired her own private security detail if she gave a shit about what it was costing the American people. But she doesn’t because she’s a greedy, smug and self-important bitch. Her entitlement is all that matters. They all think that way.


Seems Steve Mnuchin is printing more money and handing it out.


ARGHHH! These people! Railing against the government while they heap generous portions of our tax dollars on themselves! Heartburn.


Good lord but these corrupt jerks like to live large on taxpayer money, don’t they?


Yeah, after he and his wife roll around on it first.


Oversight started with the New Democratic majority in the House, and it was delayed at least a month because of the shutdown. Hopefully real oversight will start immediately and bigly.


And of course the son of a bitch had to fly in the front of the plane at our expense.


The problem with how stringent the rules were for your husband is that he wasn’t studying how to “privatize” the work of the Army Corps of Engineers, if that had been the case no amount of expenses wouldn’t have been covered.


It’s really not their fault. You see, no one ever explained to them that the phrase, “We, the people” applies to all of us, not just the .001%.


We have phones. We have email. We have Skype. We even have secure teleconferencing facilities. But all those things would leave a paper trail of who talked to whom and when.


No no no … this fixation on negligible items has to stop …yes $13,000 is real money - but
A. There is no information about his employment agreement
B. It is not at all unheard of for a person to work remotely - either for an initial agreed upon period of time as a part of their hire package … or indefinitely … especially if the have responsibilities that link to multiple locations.
C. The actual dollars spent were not at all out of line with what things cost.

What really needs to be examined is - why this guy … and what connections & whose message is he delivering… what agenda is he advancing … and is he ethically compromised.