Discussion: The Three Hillary Stories Everyone Is Writing (And Reading) This Week

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cautious mush?
Certainly that leads to the question, will that be on the breakfast menu when she is in the WH?
These ratings-hungry sensationlists aren’t going to get much from Hillary, if she is one thing above everything else, she is in control of her own process, a serious professional, if not a micromanager, one of the factors that makes her qualified for the post.
That is one of the notable characteristics she shares with President Obama. If her staff hadn’t struggled within for leadership spots, she might have been the candidate in 2008.
Here’s an interesting hint in the Wikipedia article about that campaign, as to her VP choice, who is so far the most notable endorsement she’s received…
“Deputy campaign manager Mike Henry had managed Tim Kaine’s successful campaign for Governor of Virginia in 2005”
Personally, I think that sounds like a winning team… but who knows, she hasn’t even announced yet, officially, so everything is speculation. There are a lot of possible future VP’s that could hit that list, but Kaine seems like the first most-likely option.

My favorite Game of Thrones moment up to now is the dialogue between brothers Tyrion and Jamie Lannister where Tyrion recollects their dim-witted cousin, Orson Lannister who obsessively crushes beetles with a rock - " “Thmath da beedlthes! Thmath 'em! Kuh, Kuh, Kuh.” Tyrion could never figure out why Orson did that. He says:

Turns out, far too much has been written about great men and not nearly enough about morons…

Game of Thrones is Fantasy, but if Tyrion were living here, now and reading TPM, he would never have cause for complaint.

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Fox’s lead story is : Brain Damaged Woman Writes Book

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You missed the one about Hillary complaining they left the White House dead broke. Hillary said they had something like $12 million in legal fees, but failed to mention their legal defense fund had almost $9 million in the bank at the same time. And, despite owing millions, that didn’t stop the Clintons from buying a $1.7 million mansion in Chappaqua.

Hillary’s got these haters right where she wants them and she hasn’t even begun to put up a fight.
She has so much going for her that the desperate to sound smart or informed can only take pathetic snipes. Halperin for instance, is just a dick.

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Fox News was on the t.v in the waiting area of the place I was having new tires installed this morning and that was one of the topics they covered. You really are a Foxbot, aren’t you?


Ha-ha! Took your talking point right off the telly, eh?

Is Foxbot a pejorative? If not, I’d say Lio is absolutely correct.

With it, speculation about her potential 2016 ambitions has reached a historic fervor.

I believe the word you’re looking for is “histrionic”, not historic.