Discussion: The Surprising Way The GOP Could Actually Win The Culture War

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Shockingly vague, broad speculation. Amazing that people get jobs dropping this kind of stuff in the intellectual roadways.

Read a paper in a real science someday — you’ll be surprised at what it takes to actually analyze something.


Williams asks “What if the GOP tried to think of substantive policies that supported
the parents’ side of ‘working parents,’ rather than the working side?”

Apparently Williams has been in a coma for the last three decades. Someone might want to get him a newspaper so he could brush up on the American conservative movement.


First: it should be possible for “family values conservatives” to
recognize how these financial pressures translate into familial strain.
That is, working more and harder all the time makes it hard for people
to be good parents.
Second: what if the GOP tried to think of substantive policies that
supported the parents side of “working parents,” rather than the working
Republicans could take seriously the possibility that the
American worker’s punishing workload is increasingly inhumane in the
most literal sense.

Response: So…"if Republican Cons and Baggers would only be come more ~snicker!~ “progressive”, huh? ____ HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAA…~deep breath!~  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

If “ifs” and “buts” were candy and nuts, we’d all have a merry Christmas.

Oh Conor…it this you?


If conservatives ever get serious about treating families as a key
social—and economic—institution, I think there might be a real reform

Cue: Pope Francis, causing heart palpitations across the American conservative scene…


Maybe on some other planet. But on this one, all the things the author mentions about higher wages and less-punitive work environments are ones that liberal democrats are already for. The family leave and EITC and so forth are essentially holding actions in response to “conservative” republican attacks on working families.

What I could see republicans doing is rebranding their usual garbage about tax cuts for the rich as a way to increase prosperity and incomes for the middle class, thus supporting families. But they’ve done that about half a dozen times already, with mixed success.


You know, if Hitler’d just been into flowers, fonts and food he could have been Martha Stewart.


This is a one issue voters daydream. Even if the phony conservatives faked their way into pretending that they care and then actually legislated something that passed universally, that wouldn’t change everything else that this rotten to the core Party is all about.

Its hard to prove that you care about families when you send young men off to fight pointless, for profit wars and jail millions of others, again for profit. The message is, that they only care about certain families and not for certain people that are would-be families. The contradictions are as bold as the conundrum.
They can’t camouflage their gut instincts with their political smarts. The real beast always comes to the fore.

In case this author didn’t notice, the Conservatives are getting much worse and are basically just a smoke and mirrors operation at this point designed to create wealth like the very corporations that they endear to.


“Republicans could take seriously the possibility that the American worker’s punishing workload is increasingly inhumane.” Hahahahaha!

They do not care! They seem to feel the poors got what they deserve and should be grateful to the almighty dollar that their situation is not worse. Praise Jeebus!


If free market capitalism lifted all boats, Republicans would find a way to stop it. Rich people don’t want a strong economy. Strong economies beget retirement savings. Retirement savings stifle the flow of money to the top. Rich people want a sputtering economy where the working class lives paycheck-to-paycheck and can’t afford to squirrel away trillions in savings.


The GOP will commence to adopt these recommendations co-terminus with the first verified report of porcine aviation.


The problem with any talk of viable reform within the conservative movement is that it makes the wrong assumption that conservatives are even capable of the type of inner reflection necessary to make a change. Sane people have since jumped ship, and the only people left are either beneficiaries of their policies (white millionaires) or the useful Fox News idiots they dupe into voting against their own economic interests because “MAH GUnzZZ RimembER BENGHAZI!!!”. The former doesn’t want a change, and the latter couldn’t think themselves out of a paper bag. I’m hesitant to give the modern Republican party this much credit. I’d like to believe they could moderate and produce something that looks like a good idea for the American people, but that’s not going to happen until they’ve thoroughly collapsed in their current form.


TPM: where did you dig up this Conor Williams guy? First up was his incredibly inane, navel-gazing post about how he wasn’t quite sure he could bring himself to vote for Hillary, but he guessed he would because she was a woman. Now this, in which he observes that Republicans might win the culture war if they… become Democrats! Oh, well, thanks for that.

Seriously, why do you let this man take up valuable column inches? These read like English 101 essays.


Unfortunately, this is not speculation but proven fact. Our 401’s are allowed to accrue wealth, then that wealth is pillaged by the wealthy whom receive no penalty. Its just business as usual to them as long as they never look down to see the depravity that they so easily dole out.

The trickle down theory held water for longer than it should have but the jig is up. Conservatives concoct somewhat sensible sounding schemes with the real intention of fleecing the working man and keeping their own hands clean whilst doing it.
Time and a major economic meltdown have exposed them for what they are.


If a frog had wings, he wouldn’t bump his ass so much, follow me?


If Republicans “supported” working families, Republicans would:

Support a living wage as the minimum wage
Support free education for all those who are interested and capable
Support improved pre-school systems to prepare kids for learning
Support a tax system to pay for it all - one in which those who benefit most from the system pay the most to support it.

Does the author believe Republican Party would support such measures in order to ‘win’?


Great argument, yet in the same vein, if frogs had wings, they wouldn’t bump their asses on the ground.

“Republicans could take seriously the possibility that the American worker’s punishing workload is increasingly inhumane in the most literal sense…”

This is every bit as likely as the Republican Party adopting planks at its 2016 convention stating that the Bible is not the literal word of God, that accept the scientific reality of evolution and the actual age of the earth as being over 3 billion years, and that separation of church and state is one of the fundamental principles of the very founding of the United States.


Yeah, the bright-eyed earnestness shines through. I wonder if he really believes what he’s writing?

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seanp3, Dr. Williams actually writes more coherently now than he did when he won a “pundit” contest sponsored by The Washington Post a few years ago. A contest he admits he won through leveraging social media as opposed to writing compelling op/eds.

TPM wants to give relative unknowns a chance. I’m OK with that. Not all of them will do well. And since most commenters find little in Williams’ work they like, we can only hope his slot will be quickly passed on to another.