Discussion: The Search For Otis Byrd: FBI Doesn't Rule Out Foul Play In Miss. Hanging

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Oh, it’s terrible to write, but I hope that this is a suicide.

I agree with both parts of your comment.

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Ummmm… KMBC isn’t a local Mississippi television station. KMBC is out of Kansas City. Just sayin’…

You may hope for it, but I doubt it will turn out to be true.

Well, we’ll find out, I guess. Suicides are a lot more common than lynchings, though.

Mississippi Goddamn.

The concern is not that lynchings are more common than suicides, as of course, they aren’t. The concern is that this is Mississippi - where you CANNOT presume that you’re going to find out, one way or the other.

From the other article on this case on TPM:

¨FBI Special Agent Don Alway said the man’s identity had been confirmed by a state medical examiner on Friday as that of Otis Byrd, a convicted killer who was released from prison in 2006 and who was last seen on March 2.

Alway said Byrd’s family had been notified and that 30 agents were working on the investigation to determine whether the death was a homicide or suicide.¨

The point being that it isn’t just the local sheriff’s office that is conducting the investigation.