Discussion: The Problem With Paul Ryan's Go-To Obamacare Replacement Idea? Money


Sheesh dummies, just rename the ACA the HFHS (Heritage Foundation Health System) and be done with it.

Your base won’t care and you’ll be good to go.


These are the same people that kept on telling us that they could cover everyone without spending a dime extra with vouchers and cost savings. Then Obama told them, okay, show me how we do that and I agree to do that. No takers on the show portion of the show and tell on health care.

The “high risk pools” myth is just the latest weaponry the GOP has chosen.


I think this is what disgusts and appalls me the most, the utter hypocrisy of the GOP. The entire ACA was nothing more, and nothing less, than an implementation of the GOP backed Heritage Foundation plan for a market based plan. But the fact that the Democratic party and Obama were the ones to implement it meant they disowned their own plan. You can actually find the original plan online if you ask Google nicely, I assume it is still out there, it was a couple years ago when I looked for it.

This is a perfect example of how our nation has become a post-truth society. The astounding and willful, militant ignorance of the American people is, in this case literally, going to be the death of them.


Heck, just call it DonaldCare.


DonaldDoNotCare might be more appropriate .


I don’t trust this plan at all. It seems to me nothing more then a way to shove very sick people aside so you can screw them later by not funding the program properly. That’s why Ryan and the AEI like it, because its a scam


But then they’ll have to rename it once Drumpf is tried and convicted.



Ryan has made a career of lying about arithmetic, but the disparities reported by Tierney in her last 3 paragraphs are still surprising. The Republicans are talking figures that are fully two orders of magnitude down from the realistic estimates of the Commonwealth Fund report. Have we got a deal for you — only 1% of what the other guys are asking.


Maybe they are on to something, this picture of Ryan makes me less sick then that silly grin we usually see.

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Despite the karma I’m hoping that enemies of fair and decent healthcare get very ill very soon…

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I did not see Type 2 diabetes, addiction therapy, nor various pulmonary ailments like COPD, asthma, and emphysema, diseases that I will wager are not rare among Trump supporters, listed as ailments that fall under the high risk pool, even though they are treatable with regimes that cost tons of money. Perhaps if the costs of insurance for persons with these ailments in a Republican post-ACA environment is made public the pitchforks and torches so recently tucked away would come out again.


The problem with Ryan’s, or any Republican’s, Obamacare replacement scheme is that Republicans fundamentally do not care about tens of millions of Americans and whether they get sick or injured and die without healthcare. They care about cutting back the taxes that were imposed on the richest to help fund the ACA. They care about scamming people into believing they’re doing something good for them. They care about keeping power and getting re-elected. They care about using that power to enrich themselves, their friends, and the top 1%. They might not want people to suffer and die due to lack of affordable health care, but they don’t really care if that’s a result of their actions.


Isn’t the objection to ACA the subsidy in the first place? So they have now decided to theoretically construct a system which relies even more heavily on the subsidy which is the root of all evil on Obamacare? What?

It’s almost like we’re at war with Bin Laden in Afghanistan and then we decide to attack Saddam in Iraq instead. The GOP could never think something like that would fly, and of course the media would call them on it.

[quote=“rickjones, post:13, topic:49704”]
They might not want people to suffer and die due to lack of affordable health care, but they don’t really care if that’s a result of their actions.
[/quote]I really agree, there has been an endless campaign against universal health care coverage in this country waged by Republicans. 70 years the GOP has been obstructing, Truman campaigned on universal health care in the forties. It took until Johnson to get a partial plan in place to help seniors who were actively dying without medical care.


And bad knees from obesity, bruises from spousal abuse, lung and lip cancer from chewing and smoking, HPV related cancers, etc… the basic trailer park list.


We are days away from the worst date in American history. Worse than the beginning of WW2, worse than Joe McCarthy, worse than JFK’s assassination, worse than Vietnam and Iraq, and worse than the Watergate/Iran-Contra/9-11 scandals.

More will suffer and die for no reason.


Listened to Ryan make the speil the other day. I must say he is polished. Somebody new to the debate might be suckered into believing him. If you then remember why the ACA evolved you understand just how full of it Ryan really is.


Through great dedication and persistence, Republicans have moved the Overton Window so far to the right that their own plan from the 1990s has been successfully made to look like a liberal plan to most people, left and right. IMO, few Democratic leaders, neither Obama nor Clinton, especially (and they’re not alone) have put much effort into moving the Overton Window back to the left. Until we accomplish this, the country will not return to sensibility.


using high-risk pools as a substitute for the Affordable Care Act would cost a boatload of money

Ryan: There is nothing which cant be fixed by Tax Cuts. We may have to reduce taxes for the very rich to 0 in order to fund it.
FOX: Burden for this must be borne by poor and middle class and loss of jobs.


Right, he’ll have us believe he’s a vegan fox. It’s fine, you can trust me with all these delicious chickens.

Also, no one is talking about the other side of this discussion. The subsidy itself. That amounts to a pay-off to insurance companies. Can the subsidy be used to silence any opposition to the GOP plan? Could for profit entities bombard their subscribers with supportive fake news about the new improved ACA that we’ll get AFTER we destroy bad old Obamacare? This is happening.