Discussion: The Princes, The President And The Fortune Seekers


I don’t think that Broidy and Nader are the first insiders selling influence, but they must be the most incompetent ever.


A heartwarming tale from the Party of Family Values™:

  • The Republican operative jailed on 10 counts of raping underage boys…
  • The RNC treasurer who funded his Playboy hunny’s abortion…
  • The President who paid hush money to hide his adultery with a porn star…

Today’s GOP: It’s mulligans all the way down.


Nice, a convicted felon and a pederast bribing the U.S. Government. How low can we go?


The trump administration is for sale that is for sure. The sell themselves like a Moroccan rug dealer.


Fingers crossed…


I gotta hand it to these two AP reporters. Kudos for this article. It almost makes up for a whole lot of weak ones I find here or elsewhere online. This one is worth a good read.


Hold Trump’s beer.


Its Diet Coke. He doesn’t drink alcohol, though if he did, it might mellow the son of a bitch, or at the very least put him to sleep for long periods of time, just to give the rest of us a moment of peace from his constant bullshitting.


Like Erik Prince, Broidy owns a private “security” company, Circinus. Circinus has deals with the UAE and other middle-east nations for hundreds of millions of dollars.

How very convenient for Broidy that his bff Devin Nunes is Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee.


so he says.


What’s even more convenient is how all these assholes that manage to be influence peddlers end up in charge of money as finance directors through the RNC. That relationship can’t be a coincidence with both Broidy and Cohen. Cohen is still a deputy finance chair with the RNC. GOPers are beginning to show how much they’re sweating over this fact, I believe.


Yes, I very much agree. Cohen and Broidy as RNC Finance chairs should be a gigantic scandal – and perhaps it would be if we could ever focus strategically instead of reacting to everything like wild horses spooked by a blade of grass.


Doesn’t he seem more like the poster child for “baked goods” in that photograph?

(Asking for a friend.)


Tell your friend that you need to clean out the pantry to look like that.


Great reporting!

Who else thinks maybe Broidy taking the fall for trump getting the playboy model pregnant is part of what gets Broidy into the White House?


He just turns the rest of us into aspiring alcoholics.



Circinus is latin for “compass”

also this.

More Trump abuse of power and emoluments? He’s a fucking monster and by association, so is anyone who supports him. No longer feeling charitable.

John Feeley, the Ambassador to Panama and a former Marine helicopter pilot, is not averse to strong language, but he was nevertheless startled by his first encounter with President Donald Trump. Summoned to deliver a briefing in June, 2017, he was outside the Oval Office when he overheard Trump concluding a heated conversation, “Fuck him! Tell him to sue the government.” Feeley was escorted in, and saw that Mike Pence, John Kelly, and several other officials were in the room. As he took a seat, Trump asked, “So tell me—what do we get from Panama? What’s in it for us?” Feeley presented a litany of benefits: help with counter-narcotics work and migration control, commercial efforts linked to the Panama Canal, a close relationship with the current President, Juan Carlos Varela. When he finished, Trump chuckled and said, “Who knew?” He then turned the conversation to the Trump International Hotel and Tower, in Panama City. “How about the hotel?” he said. “We still have the tallest building on the skyline down there?”

Feeley had been a Foreign Service officer for twenty-seven years, and, like his peers, he advocates an ethos of nonpartisan service. Although he grew up as what he calls a “William F. Buckley Republican,” he has never joined a political party, and has voted for both Democrats and Republicans. When Trump was elected, he was surprised, but he resolved not to let it interfere with his work. His wife, Cherie, who also served for decades in diplomatic posts, said, “In the Foreign Service, we don’t have the luxury of gnashing our teeth at political outcomes. The hope is that person recognizes how delicate and complex it is to make foreign policy. It’s boring and it’s slow—but it’s how you make good products over time.” Still, Feeley was disheartened by his initial meeting with Trump. “In private, he is exactly like he is on TV, except that he doesn’t curse in public,” he told me. Feeley sensed that Trump saw every unknown person as a threat, and that his first instinct was to annihilate that threat. “He’s like a velociraptor,” he said. “He has to be boss, and if you don’t show him deference he kills you.”


From the guy who rides bareback and the same asshole who doesn’t know the difference between HPV and HIV…I say, hell ya, I believe David Dennison #2 is really David Dennison #1.


He hasn’t been to any of his rallies. I remember when he came to W. MI he had a rally that even our republican leaning local news was shocked having to report him using the F-word at this rally where young children were present. Of course, they had to include that part about “young children being present” because if children weren’t present, that would somehow make it alright? He’s crude, rude and altogether lewd, even in public, and if you didn’t see it when he was campaigning, all I can say is you weren’t paying attention.