Discussion: The Postal Service Is Our Duke Of The Week

Nope. Sorry. It’s still tRump by a mile.

So far the man has tweeted 6x’s this morning during McCain’s funeral, which is beginning to pile in people at the National Cathedral. Oh that’s right, everyone is there except the Toddler in Chief…


So are there any bets that this breech of trust will result in making harder for anyone getting a FOIA request in the future?
So who is running, and I mean the day-to-day, operations at CLF?

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Maybe. We don’t know what happened and how malicious the intent was.

Can we get some reporting on who released this? Why do we just blame the Post Office, do we know that the person who released this did not do it maliciously? The Post Office is one of Trump’s favorite whipping boys, and I would not be surprised to find out the release was made by a Trump Toady


Sadly, TPM got it wrong this week.
Why would you blame the entire postal service for one possibly bad actor who may have merely committed an accidental error? You do not hold the entire Salvation Army accountable because one of their Santas is missing his pot of coins. I thought DotW was reserved for intentionally wicked or heinous performances.


The biggest unanswered question is what made America Rising even bother to file a FOIA request for this in the first place? Anyone involved in doing any sort of research on government operations would have to know that you can never get someone’s personnel file. FOIA doesn’t provide access to that under any circumstances. The most you can get from a Federal agency is a confirmation of employment, as in “Billy Joe Bubba was employed by our agency from Mar. 1, 1992, through Apr. 22, 1993, in the Office of Hemming and Hawing, as a Management Analyst at the GS-13 level.” That’s pretty much the extent of it.

So why did AR file the request? Did they have a strong hint that someone at USPS would just pop the file in an envelope and ship it off to them?


The PO is to blame for not having systems in place to prevent illegally sending such personal information to third parties who simply request it. They admit that there is actually a law or regulation – I don’t remember which – forbidding it. But they had no mechanism to actually ensure that the law was enforced internally.
So yes, even if one person acted inappropriately or made a mistake, there should have been systems in place to catch that error before the material was actually mailed out.
TM, as usual, is right on the mark.

I’m starting to think that “Duke of the Week” should be renamed using a certain word that has the same consonants as “Duke.”


The CLF’s continued use of the material might be one of the best examples of Republican scum at work of all time. Somebody needs to tell Megan Newton that you can have a right, but there are times when exercising that right is just wrong. This is one of them.

As for the postal service, I have zero belief that a lowly worker in HR accidentally made this “mistake.” I doubt anybody else does either. This is not the kind of mistake that a bureaucracy makes.


Gone are the days when the opposing party gets one your briefing books and gives it back or maybe that only happens when it is a Democrat that gets that information.

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Unjust and unfair conclusion & headline.

Trump (Miller & GOP) have inserted slimy lowlifes into positions of power of the Fed Gov’t, including Postal Services, and they, in turn have inserted more slimy lowlifes into lesser positions of power at the Postal Service. And unsurprisingly, the group of grifters, from Trump on down, have maliciously and criminally, as always, befouled the Post Office and committed acts of TREASON.

But it is not the doing of the entire Postal Service! That is just plain wrong as well as unjust of TMP to say.

…but we’ll blame the entire US Postal Service just the same.



Sorry, the blame lies squarely with the HR official(s) who released the information and who should have known better. Personnel information is privileged in virtually any employment setting and it is illegal for an employer to release confidential information about any employee except under certain specific circumstances defined in law, and a FOIA request is not one of those circumstances.


Spanberger says she made a similar request on herself months ago (I don’t think it’s unusual for both the candidate’s campaign & opposer to make these requests but the clearance form is not part of the info returned). She still hasn’t gotten a reply.


I want to know why the person who sent it out ever even had access to the sensitive information to begin with since they’re clearly at best highly stupid and at worst highly corrupt.


Hey, that’s Cabinet material in this adminstration.


No, it’s not. I work for the Postal Service, and this would be a HUGE no-no. I have an idea that the perp is probably a managerial level Trumpista, who will promptly find some minion to blame.


Ben Wittes over at Lawfare, submitted a Meta FOIA request to the Postal Service on Friday, to discover the email strings etc on this SF-86 mistake.

No, let’s just blame the USPS because some moron thinks they actually seal the envelopes they receive from the public. FFS.

One is left to wonder if, perhaps, America Rising already had the form (somehow) and filed the FOIA request as a CYA move. I’m not saying that’s what happened but some people are asking the question.