Discussion: The New Republic To Run Cover Story On Its Own 'Perceived Legacy Of Racism'

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Why do the new owners hate liberalism?

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This seems kind of Cultural Revolutionary. Today’s values, which are still and always in flux, took a long time to evolve. The past SHOULD be worse than the present. This mea culpa seems like public breast-beating.

I was being snarky. But I think, as much as anything, it’s a big thumb in the eye of the defectors as well as an attempt to recover some of the relevancy (and readership) it lost during the Peretz era.


“Look how shitty we were before I took over!”


Ha ha, cover story. That’s funny maybe it will be a whitewash?

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Not by Jeet Heer, it won’t. I’m glad they’re doing this, and I hope it makes Chait, Sully, etc. sad.

‘White’ being the operative syllable.

TNR. Nobody reads it.

Um, the 1980s-90s isn’t that far in the past. Whether this is a good-faith effort to make amends or just an attempt at rehabilitative PR, I’m glad they’re doing this.

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I think Chait’s writing was usually at odds with the worst of TNR, and he wasn’t there back when they published some of their most infamous crap (Murray eg). Sully, however, was at the helm for most of it. Which is why, as genuinely great as his blog frequently was, I’m not mourning its imminent demise: when he’s good, he’s wonderful; but when he’s bad, he’s poisonously destructive.

He hagiographized it anyway. Not to mention his Iraq fauxpology, his pratfalls vs Coates, and his latest idiocy about PC. Screw him and the goat he f*&^ed in on.