Discussion: The International Criminal Court Now Has An All-Female Presidency. Here’s Why That Matters

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TPM is not now has no headline editor.

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You beat me to it - but I see they have already edited the headline.

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Here’s Why That Matters.

Where’s why this matters?

It’s informative in it’s own way about the Court members and the important role of women in this area but I’d really like to a little more depth on why an all-female presidency is so significant beyond the fact that women are oppressed in many countries.
Will they be more likely to pursue a course of action than a male? If so, say that in the article.
Maybe it’s just that the phrase “Here’s Why That Matters” has become a cliche in headline writing and appending it is an eye-grabber.

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Be a sweet, sweet deal if these ladies went after our homegrown war criminals, AKA, Dick and George.