Discussion: The Hidden Hand Of A Casino Company In Trump’s Contact With Vietnam

I’d like to think other politicians weren’t as corrupt as Donald, but I got a feeling quite a few are. He just seems less practiced at covering it up.


Having a casino anywhere in Asia is a license to print money if you can get the local restrictions against gambling lifted.

Gambling is endemic in the Asian world, far, FAR, beyond anything you have ever seen in the West.

Sheldon Adelson was nearly bankrupt when he partnered with the Chinese Mob to create a Casino Complex in Macau, and now he makes so much money from it he uses it to prop up his failing Casinos in Vegas and elsewhere, and bankrolls the Republican Party and his Free Israeli Newspaper with the proceeds. He has so much money from it that ALL the Republican Candidates go to his Vegas meetings to kiss his ring and plead for money and support every year.

Trump himself has been trying to get into that business in Asia for decades, but never could get the licenses to build there. Then, one of the first things he gets from China are the licenses to his BRAND.


the sky is blue on sunny days
Rain falls down
dog crap stinks
cats don’t bark
Trump uses office position for personal business
Trump’s a liar
Trump needs to go to prison.


Anyone unfamiliar with the podcast is missing something remarkable. They’re about to go on a bit of a hiatus so catching up on the handful of preceding ones won’t have to be rushed.

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The Vietnam call was just one instance of how the Trump administration has blurred the lines between private business interests and those of the country.

On a geographically related note, Maddow showed of footage of Drumpf introducing a now convicted grifter from Indonesia’s parliament when he came to Trump Tower to meet with the Donald during 2015. Gotta wonder if he was looking to take advantage of Drumpf’s real estate offerings to launder some of the $100+ million in all gotten gains he was convicted of taking.

So: Not just corrupt, but incompetently corrupt, and offically proven thus. Quite consistent with dozens of others people associated with Mr. Trump’s intermixing of business and government activities.

All that vetting serves one purpose, to make sure the United States of America, our People, and our Representatives, aren’t doing something illegal or self promoting.

This isn’t a blurring of the lines people. This is flat out illegal. When Trump does this crap, when he has foreign officials stay at his hotels or towers or country clubs, he is profiting at our expense. Imagine you were a manager at a restaurant (just saw this on the teevee!) and while on the job getting paid by the restaurant owner, you start up a side catering business, using the restaurant owners time and materials to cater a party, let’s say on site. And pocketing the money for yourself and not giving the owner a cut of the action or paying for the materials or going off the clock.

That’s stealing and you would be fired on the spot if found out. That’s not blurry to me, but crystal clear. Trump is a thief, a lying thug, a sham, and a stain on decent morality. He needs to be fired, his illegal gains seized, tried, and convicted and thrown into a lousy non Club Med prison. And die there.

I estimate that 90% of Trump’s official duties are expended on things that personally earn him additional revenue. He’s the most corrupt POTUS ever.

It’s not called a klepto-kakistocracy for nothin’.

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