Discussion: The Heat Is On! NOAA, NASA Say 2014 Was The Hottest Year On Record

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No noticeable flooding yet, so no hurry. And what I mean by noticeable is, whole islands being submerged and coastal US states losing their entire ocean fronts, real estate and all.
That, sad and ignorant as it is, still won’t likely do the trick. The real doofusses like Senator Inhofe will never admit that he is wrong.

There is already ample evidence and scientific concurrence to force wise and sensible people to take immediate action. Instead, we put the biggest dummies in charge in hopes that denial will fix everything I guess?

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Ted Cruz will make sure NASA is silenced on the matter going forward.

They lie! Lie, lie, lie.

And how do we know? Because they keep changing their story:

NOAA had previously reported that Earth broke heat records in 2010 and 2005.

Trust me, NOAA will be changing its story again in the future, claiming that some other year is the hottest. Just wait till I pass my evidence on to a few GOP House members.

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But it’s cold outside right now! Doesn’t that disprove NASA?

Global Warming Hoaxing: Just gives you that warm, mushy feeling all over - all year long.

2014 was the hottest year on record…So far. Anyone want to bet on 2015 being hotter?
People are gearing up vast projects to dike out rising ocean waters. I suppose they see it as a business opportunity. Other more thoughtful people are finding ways to reduce CO2 emissions with new energy sources. Well paid Congress critters fight to increase CO2 levels even though they know better. It seems like the only green is money some times.

The Greenland Ice cap is rapidly increasing its melting rate. When that puppy slides into the ocean Florida is history.