Discussion: The GOP Senate Candidate Leading The Party's Pivot From Obamacare

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Give it another 7 months and the GOP will start claiming credit for the good things Obamcare is delivering.


Her opponent can use her various, wasteful repeal votes against her.


I’ve been saying that for years. Before it’s over many will believe the GOP is the party who brought us the ACA, fighting mightily to pass it against the lockstep anti-healthcare “Democrat” party.


7 months and the GOP will start claiming credit for the good things Obamcare is delivering

You’re right and it’s our job to make certain the misanthropic plutocrats don’t get away with it.

Do many believe Saddam was behind 9/11 still? Remember when Giuliani believed their were terrorist attacks under Obama, but never under Bush? I heard of a guy the other day who knew of friendly U.S.-Japanese relations and Americans buying Japanese cars, so couldn’t believe it when informed Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. Had thought that was Germans.

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/face palm

OMG. I really really really wish you are joiking.

It’s the same as the moron I know who thinks the Ruby Ridge episode was Clinton’s doing, even though it’s been proved (repeatedly) to him it happened when Poppy Bush was in office.


Primary this RINO traitor! DESTROY HER!

Erick son of Erick, please come save our exceptional nation from filth such as her! Help us Erick, you’re our only hope!

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Capito can pretend all she wants to back Obamacare, but her 51 repeal votes say different. Tennant needs to hammer that home. Also, Capito voted for Paul Ryan’s budget which would privatize Medicare. Why isn’t Tennant hammering her on these issues. Tennant needs to get some backbone and be the tough democrat that WV elects.


“Coverage is great and having more people covered is excellent,”

Burn the witch!!!

And as long as a substantial percentage of Democrats are too freaking gutless to tout the law’s benefits themselves, the Republicans will be able to do just what you note.

Take that now-legendary ad for Begich in Alaska that all the progressives were giddily fondling themselves over because it supposedly was bravely touting the benefits of the ACA. Not once during the entire freaking commercial are the words “Obamacare” or “ACA” or “Affordable Care Act” used. The only assertion is that Begich “stood up to insurance companies.” What the fuck does that vague, contentless statement mean? Stood up in what way? Which insurance companies? The fact that so many progressives and liberals view this ad as a slam-dunk messaging win for Obamacare is a sad example of wishful thinking, something our side can be just as prone to as the other side.

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Well, to be fair to those Democrats, their huge victories in 2010 certainly vindicate the whole ‘Obamacare what? Never heard of it’ strategy!

So either she’s not facing a Tea Party primary or else she’s just demonstrating that the burden of being minority leader in an election year is that the you’re chained to the party’s dogma.

The Democratic response to the FoxNews-led hysteria over the ACA was, from the administration on down, tepid, tentative, unassertive, and completely inadequate from a communications and messaging standpoint.


If I were a West Virginian, I would vote against this woman and for the Democratic candidate for the US Senate in the general election.

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Yup. So as typical a Democrat-type reaction as you could imagine.

They voted for it, then pretended it never happened. It’s no wonder so much of the country thinks that it must be a bad thing, since the people who made it happen didn’t want to talk about it.

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West Virginia, another state that will get what it deserves voting Republican. They are so full of coal, they had to expand Medicaid there. Joe Manchin, while he is a Democrat, he votes more like a Republican, so like I said West Virginia deserves what it gets. It took Capito all this time to finally get to the “promised land” in the U.S. Senate.

I love the smell of Republican capitulation in the morning–it smells like…victory.

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If the GOP is still talking against Social Security to this day, don’y expect them to let go about the ACA any time soon… In terms of obsessions, Rain Man has nothing on the GOP…

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