Discussion: The Fringe Thinking Behind Carson’s Pyramid Theory

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And we thought George W. Bush was crazy when he said he favorite book was the Holy Bible?

We have gone from illiterate, uneducated, (even tho he went to Yale and Harvard) Republican candidates for president to an evangelical Seventh Day Adventist crazy-man type as one of the high polling figures among Republican voters.

Republicans will never read this TPM website, (too busy watching Fox News), but let’s not dream any longer that any Republicans are sane rational people. Ben Carson is living proof that they are not.


The lengths and mental contortions these wackjobs go through to try and support their crazy beliefs is simply stunning. They happily coopt evidence and totally misrepresent it to their own aims or lie and ignore evidence that doesn’t.


I have to believe that center and even right of center work-a-day ® voters will find this… disturbing.


“The general gist of their theory is this: Imhotep, an Egyptian priest who lived around 2600 B.C., may actually be Joseph. The tunnels underneath what is considered to be the one of the first Egyptian pyramids, the theories go, are in fact grain storage designed by Imhotep/Joseph, who had interpreted a pharaoh’s dream that predicted a famine.”

If you remove some of the letters in Imhotep’s name, you get IHOP. I also believe that grains are used in the making of pancakes.
I think this all speaks for itself.


Carson is not a well man. When did he last perform surgery? One worries.


So, after Joseph saved the Egyptians from famine (Moses says thanks!), under this new interpretation, he also became responsible for the death of thousands (tens, hundreds?) of Jewish slaves used to build the pyramids. They’re right, God does work in irrational… um, mysterious ways… either that or God really hated the Jews at this point in history.


Using the Pyramids to store grain would be like building the Hoover Dam because you need a swimming pool.


And then deciding to put sea mines in most of the water.


And there lies the difference between insulated (Republican) debate-land,
and a general election. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nonsense like this won’t hurt Dr. Ben NOW, against other Repubs…
but oh, my, if an average American is trying to decide who to vote for,
in November 2016, and one of the options is asserting belief in an alternate history
that no scientist could possibly agree with…hello President Hillary…


No kidding. Whey did they think they needed more than one?


His theory flies in the face of what has long been settled by modern archeologists: that the pyramids were built as tombs for Egyptian pharaohs.

Yet no evidence of any usage as tombs – unlike the heavily decorated, painted, carved tombs like that of King Tut. None of the larger pyramids has ever been found to have mummies or seeming burials inside.

Mazaroo, I think you said it best. But did Egyptians have pigs to get bacon or sausage to go with the pancakes? And did they have hens to get some eggs to go with those pancakes? We need to ask Ben, I think.


I’m not so sure about this. Most US citizens are Christians, and consistently overlook any crazy idea that is related to religion. Next time you hear someone say ‘what’s the harm?’ with religion…


Actually, there is some scientific and archival evidence that the pyramids and tombs were built by skilled workers who were paid as well as given housing and food.


What about the pyramids in Mexico, did Joseph take a quick trip over to the then unknown new world to build those?


Where we go wrong is by trying to apply fact and reason to disprove the crazy shit Republicans believe. You can say "the entirety of Egyptian civilization was built on growing, storing and distributing grain. The idea they’d need vast amounts of extra storage even for seven years of bumper crops is kookie. As is, of course, the idea that they’d build structures that are mostly solid when they could build vast granaries with a tiny fraction of the material and labor it took to put up a pyramid, and the idea that the whole fairy tale is, at best, a distorted memory of actual events hundreds of years after the fact.

You can say that. You can say it until the holy cows come home. And all you’ll get in response is “I disagree. That’s your opinion. And 'wahhhh! Ebil sekalar hoominists are oppressing and mocking me for my beliefs!”

Nor, indeed, can you even reason with them on their own terms. You even can’t tell them the word “pyramid” doesn’t even appear in the Bible nor is there any reference to granary construction by Joseph and thus he’s just making shit up and saying it’s in the Bible when it isn’t, which means he’s neither a literalist nor an inerrantist. If you do, all you’ll get is “I disagree. That’s your opinion. And 'wahhhh! Ebil sekalar hoominists are oppressing and mocking me for my beliefs!”


Does this mean Waffle House is actually a house made of waffles? It explains so much!


Not to be pedantic but ‘wacky’ is usually spelled without an ‘h.’ The variant with the ‘h’ DOES exist but it’s pretty close to ‘whack’ which is a totally different word.

[Looks at his post]

I really DO have a life. Honest.


Yeah, but what about paid sick leave?