Discussion: The EPA's Greenhouse Gas Rules Are Remarkably Business-Friendly

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“Affordable” — I’m always left wondering why the effects of runaway global warming are presupposed to be cost-free in these calculations, which focus entirely on the cost of mechanisms to reduce emissions.


We should make a huge stone and metal memorial to leave behind that will greet future visitors to the storm-scarred, uninhabited surface of our planet with this epitaph:

Our Greenhouse Rules Were Remarkably Business-Friendly


Agreed, just because it is hard to quantify the effects of climate change doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be attempted. Right now we use ledgers on one side of the equation and ignore the other since we have no idea. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions may be incredibly cost-cutting, but you’d never know it from how we do the math. (ignoring the fact that lives and entire species are, actually, priceless. We’re just talking beach erosion, storm damage, building replacement costs and subway flooding here!)