Discussion: The End Of Abortion As We Know It: How Roe v. Wade Will Be Dismantled

The slow approach is important.

Repubs need the wedge issue, so outright reversal of Roe wouldn’t happen.

It will be a slow death with political timing by the SC. Scheduling cases to be heard before elections in the fall and then narrow verdicts decided in June.

This will save the next political case for two years later…

rinse repeat.

It’s really the corporatist in Kavanaugh that elected Republicans and their owners like


But, but… her emails.


They don’t want to be the dog that catches the car


It’s too late now. We had our chance in November of 2016, but enough people who should have known better decided to indulge in temper tantrums that allowed a clown and Russian puppet to become POTUS (And yes, I know that Comey, the Russians, and host of other factors played into this was well. But you can only control that which you have control over; i.e., your vote).
Now, women in need are going to have to rely upon the good will of various state legislatures to preserve some modicum of reproductive rights. They deserve a lot better than what the rest of us shoveled on them.


Hypothetical: say there was a reproductive rights NGO that set up offices in forced birth states and scheduled reproductive health appointments for women in pro-choice states based on need and drove women to and from those appointments. Would the forced birth states be able to legally interfere with this?

I wonder if the Native American Tribes that have set up casinos on land that not regulated by the Federal Govt. will open medial clinics too. Just a thought.


This is what a majority of white women voted for.


While the rest of the world is realizing women have been controlled by ignorant males for too long and are waking up by passing women’s rights and the right to choose, the US is heading backwards and taking away individual rights for women and pushing government into the doctor’s office.

There is no question the Republicanazis and Trump are wrong but unstoppable because the US election system was infiltrated by Russians who want to divide and destabilize the US.

Trump is another illegitimate President (so was Bush) and a crook and a traitor…he should not be allowed to appoint anymore judges. Wait until after the midterm elections and wait until after Mueller’s investigation is complete. Traitors like Trump and Pence must not also rig the courts!


Not only do we need to win back at least one house of Congress this fall, but we need to gain control of as many governorships and state legislatures as possible, so we can control what the state laws on abortion are.

110 days.


Kavanaugh’s confirmation is inevitable. What’s left to do for those that oppose him is a strategy to make something out of that. The best thing right now is to get the asshole confirmed ASAP. Before the 2018 election. Women’s reproductive rights isn’t as partisan an issue as most. Although taking those rights away is largely a GOP / Church thing and preserving them a Democartic / liberal thing there’s a lot of conservative women that see overturning Roe hostile to them. many of those women already have their ties to the GOP frayed by the pussy grabber in chief. So given the fact that Kavanaugh is going to take a seat on the Court and is going to shit can Roe it’s probably best to get on with it in a hurry. Congress is the branch of government that can reign in a rogue SCOTUS and SCOTUS and POTUS have already gone rogue. Congress is what’s left. So give the GOP all the rope it needs.

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It’s time for Democrats to stop doing what you just did. I agree that all we have is our vote and we should use it wisely but for the last few decades the notion that “our vote” was the issue is silly. The last 2 GOP presidents lost “the vote” but by extraordinary events outside anything “our vote” could handle they won. The 2000 fiasco in Florida was all about making sure “our vote” didn’t play a role in deciding 2000. That election was lost in SCOTUS where “our vote” has no sway. In 2016 again extraordinary events sunk the Democrat. I think Russia made a contribution but it was James Comey that took that election away from an informed “the vote”. People did vote the way they thought they should. They voted Trump because the FBI director just validated Trump’s nickname for her, Crooked Hilary.

The Democrats lost those elections but were not the losers. The idea that Democartic inferiority played a role is a MSM / GOP fake news plant.


Amen. Maybe now more Millenials will finally vote. The latest polls show currently only 28% of Millenials “definitely” intend to vote. So much for, you know, “civic duty”; so much for “Ask not what your country can do for you…”

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None of what you said negates my argument that people didn’t vote for Clinton, with the full knowledge that it could well lead to Trump having his finger on the nuclear button, and nominating Supreme Court Justices. I don’t care if Comey, Bernie, or the Russians bad-mouthed Hillary, voters who should have known better made that awful decision. And I’ll keep speaking out until people vote responsibly. IMO.


Probably best to let the Red Sates take it away. Let SCOTUS trash Roe and let Texas can abortion. Women not ready for a pregnancy get pregnant in Red States. Unlike men they can’t walk away from it. In Red Sates women will not have control over an issue that only affects them. They will be controlled by it which is the real meat behind the abortion issue. They will have 3 options: The back alley, a life altering pregnancy or a Blue State. Once a hard core Texas GOP’er needing an abortion has to confront a “Welcome to California” road sign to get her life back she’s going to think about things.

Is there a way to block trolls on these discussion boards?
Asking for a friend.


If you can’t physically have a abortion sit down and shut the phuck up!
Why doesn’t the Social Security Administration let you register the unborn fetus (right after the big bang event?)


That sounds a lot like the Republic of Ireland before this year. Women would travel to England or wait for the Abortion ship that would dock offshore. Of course women could travel and people could help them but really, that’s a last resort and one we should fight like Hell against.

On 2000: New Hampshire, New Hampshire, New Hampshire. Ralph Nader, Ralph Nader, Ralph Nader.

I agree, but I’m sort of a worst case scenario thinker. Assume the worst and be prepared for it if you can. If it manages not to happen then enjoy the pleasant surprise.

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