Discussion: The Economist Runs Ill-Advised 'Chili Pepper' Cover For Issue On Latinos

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They should have used the Chihuahua from the Taco Bell commercials as a culturally neutral indicator.


Seeing how it’s the “Economist” I’m actually surprised it wan’t a bunch of lawn mowers.


Or Rosario from Will and Grace

TPM Headline: The Economist Runs Ill-Advised Chili Pepper Cover For Issue On Latinos

Just imagine the cover they’re planning for an issue on race relations in America.

Now now…we should be thanking them. They were originally going to use this photo

I was gonna suggest a whole buncha sombreros but…the chili peppers work too.


Since the Latino from Univision who got canned last week for dissing the First Lady has “proved” his “white” bona-fides, maybe this magazine would be a good gig for him.

After all, if Clarence Thomas can be white, so can he.

From the title of the article, I thought maybe they had cell-phone video of Zanny Minton Beddoes singing Green Heaven at some karaoke dive in the East Village

I’m not sure I see this as all that offensive, in part because 50 years of mass immigration and rolling back apartheid have helped change American cuisine and culture from insipidly bland to interesting and entertaining, with the result that the Leave-it-to-Beaver set has their conniptions playing out on Fox News and every reactionary think tank in Washington. My gut instinct is this kind of thing probably needles the likes of O’Reilly and Hannity more than anyone.