Discussion: The Domino Effect Of The Trump Admin Gutting Pre-Existing Conditions Protections

“Who knew?”, asked the saboteur…

“Who knew that merely blowing up the tracks, would have such an impact on timely running of the train and its service to those that rely on it for their daily transportation?”


There is nothing in our history to compare with the wanton destruction this maladministration is dealing to the country. It’s not just getting worse, it’s getting worse faster and more catastrophically by the day.

Used to be, nations in our situation could look to America for rescue. Now that the Orange Loser has broken NATO and the EU, who will save us from Putin’s clutches?


I agree mostly… but… it’s the entire Republican party, not just the administration that wants to destroy us.


“They should have anticipated the consequences of their actions"

Silly Steny, if they did that, then they wouldn’t have done it. If they didn’t do it then all the promises they made would be exposed for the nonsense they were to begin with.

They have no plan other than undoing everything Obama did, and that’s not a plan.


Next time a terrorist shoots up a school, the National Russianlovers’ Association will offer up the sorry state of mental and behavioral health care, as an excuse to do nothing about gun violence. Remember that their same friends who buy this shit within the Grand Old Politburo, are the ones suing to take everyone’s health insurance away.


Without the individual mandate (repealed by Congress) that requires currently healthy people to purchase health insurance, requiring pre-existing condition coverage is not sustainable for insurance companies.

It is like allowing drivers to go without insurance until they get into an accident, and then letting them buy insurance to pay for the accident. Car insurance companies would go out of business pretty quickly under those circumstances unless the premium rates were huge.

Obamacare was not about providing healthcare; it was about providing access to health insurance. It was built on the Heritage Foundation/Republican health insurance model, and still left 24 million Americans without coverage. Without a public option (which Obama immediately abandoned after campaigning on it) Obamacare was built on a house of cards which is now falling down.

Obamacare was mostly about locking-in profits for insurance companies and drug companies while increasing coverage somewhat. Coverage for pre-exisiting conditions and Medicaid expansion were the best parts of Obamacare. But they were not enough, and the oligarchs are killing it quite easily. Medicare and social security are next.

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The oligarchs don’t want to destroy us - they want to enslave us. Work or die.


Obamacare was the best they could come up with given the circumstances as they existed at the time. It was a work in progress, that provided health care to millions who previously had none.

To say that Obama immediately abandoned the public option after campaigning on it, is not a factual statement. It was a lot more complicated than the, but I suspect that you knew that already.

What’s the weather in St. Petersburgh?


In 2009, Obama said "I didn’t campaign on the public option."

This, of course, was a flat-out lie as numerous videos show. And he never fought for the public option after he was elected. Never even mentioned it as a goal during 8 years in office. It is not anymore complicated than that.

Obamacare was a plan that locked-in profits for private insurance companies, and forced consumers to pay for those profits without a non-profit public option.

We need to elect more and better Democrats who will actually try to undo the stranglehold the oligarchs have on the world.

I don’t disagree with everything in your post, but this is a bit disingenuous. Obamacare was an adequate foundation. While Republican opposition was predictable to some degree, I don’t think anybody could have predicted the scorched-Earth timeline we’re in now. A house of cards analogy works when something crashes under it’s own weight - not when the opposition brings in a leaf blower.

But, yeah…

100,000 times this. We’re not a functioning democracy anymore, if we’re to believe a democracy exists to help the common people when the political party with the most amount of power is actively in the business of hurting its own citizens out of spite. If we don’t get at least a small blue wave in November we can probably kiss any actual forward progress on healthcare reform goodbye for at least another generation.


Perhaps the numbers just didn’t work (boldfacing is mine) :

That estimate of enrollment reflects CBO’s assessment that a public plan
paying negotiated rates would attract a broad network of providers but
would typically have premiums that are somewhat higher than the average
premiums for the private plans in the exchanges.


The same “pro-life” RepubliKKKlans who endlessly BS about their love for Freddy and Freida Fetus are hell bent on sentencing millions of Americans to death by denying them health care.


And the next step is to open Medicare to everyone. Then rein in the pimps who run the insurance rackets and their beancounters who get incentive payments to deny claims.


So they vote in favor of repealing the whole damn plan, including pre-existing conditions coverage, and then express surprise that their colleagues are claiming that the damage they managed to pass also includes pre-existing conditions. Chutzpah does not begin to describe them.

(And, of course, if they seriously cared about saving citizens’ lives, they don’t have to wait for the lawsuit to come to a conclusion. They could spend an whole hour or two passing the pre-existing condition protection as a separate bill and be done with it.)


Thanks for the link.

The numbers would have worked. The Preliminary CBO estimated that 6 million would have signed up for the Public Plan, even with the somewhat higher rates. If even more signed up, it would lower premiums. Furthermore, the high deductibles in the private insurance plans may have been offset by “somewhat higher than the average” premiums if the deductibles were lower in the public plan.

Obamacare locked in 15% profits for the insurance companies. It is hard to believe that a public plan with a large number of subscribers could not be competitive with private insurance companies. As I recall the debate at the time, one of the concerns was that too many people would opt for the public plan, thus jeopardizing the financial health of the private insurance companies. How sad that would be!


Something about feature, not a bug, comes to mind.

Does anywhere here really think this isn’t the intent? President Fuckwit and his party of enablers will simply point and exclaim, “Told you it would collapse!” And millions of willfully ignorant will nod in agreement.

This is where we’re at as a nation unless the rest of us stay woken and fight like hell. Smartly, but without wavering.

And we need representatives who will do the same.


Just another day in paradise…

I hope the consequences hit the Dotard’s supporters. And hard.


I’m the parent of a young adult with a congenital heart defect. It was repaired, but he has a checkup with EKG and ultrasound every year, and will likely have at least one or two more procedures in his lifetime. At one point when my kids were young, we found ourselves having to get insurance on our own, and when I described my son to the BCBS rep, she actually laughed and said, ‘Oh, no, we wouldn’t insure him under any conditions,’ then laughed again. We went uninsured for a few months until one of us was back on an employer’s plan. He’s now 20 and in college and the clock is ticking, since he only has until 25 to be on our insurance (though even that requirement seems likely to vanish). What a remarkably bad confluence of factors: as his ability to get health insurance on his own recedes, the likelihood that his early jobs out of college include health insurance is reportedly also decreasing. I’ve advised him that he should be looking at immigrating to another, more civilized country.


This scares the crap out of me. If these f@ckers do this, I could lose coverage. I have a couple of these so called pre-existing conditions (last I checked, it’s called being human) and I’m sure they’d only be too happy to drop me at their earliest convenience.

This is a some scary shit. And people are gonna die. :flushed: