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Great article; logical.


Maybe, maybe not. Arizona and Texas are southern states with large Latino populations, those two states are worth the effort. Kentucky actually has more Democrats than Republication. The right Democrat can win Kentucky. Clinton won the state twice. Florida is a blue state, if the Republican cab stop gerrymandering the district’s.

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Winning the White House and leaving the government of the states to the republic party has not worked out so well.


I agree, but trying to make the national Dems appeal to conservatives in the South or places like Utah is crazy. It looks like pandering and inauthentic. The conservatives should be written off, not doing so just makes the base demoralized.


One thing I’ve seen missing in the flurry of opinions on the demise of the Southern Democrat is the complicit nature of people of color failing to show up at the polls. Yes, Southern Blue Dogs have not given them much of a reason to show up, but I remember a time, not too long ago, where the fight for the right to vote galvanized Black folks in South. New Voter ID laws? An nearly all white government in Ferguson, MO? Naw, I’ll wait another 2 years till Obama is on the ballot again.

I cannot fully fault the message of the Democrat Party if there are reportedly 600,000 - 800,000 unregistered voters of color in Georgia alone. The Bannock Street Project proved that it takes too much effort to get the Dem base out in mid-term elections.


Too many Obamacare recipients voted GOP: racism prevails ovr self-interest.


Awesome article!! I’ve been saying this to all of my friends.

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I don’t believe that the South is winnable for the Dems. Ever again.

“Populism” in the South has degenerated into a vile mix of racism, ignorance and religious intolerance;  when we discuss the concept on a national level, that’s not what most Southern states are recognizing. The issues that Dems will have to concede on are only going to erode our base. This is the basic “Blue Dog” scenario and no, I don’t agree with some progressives that “populism” will win us votes either locally or nationally. Bill Clinton won AR at a different time in history. He was able to thread the needle with different populations because he was working in a different political (and social) environment than now.


What counts as a “generation”? LBJ said Democrats would lose the South for a generation. I’m thinking its going to be much longer.


I agree. The South has been the land of takers not makers for way too long. I haven’t seen a single fresh idea, an innovative product, or any important social thinking coming out of there for a long, long time. Even their great artists and writers of the past, the wonderful black music they once contributed to the whole USA are absent.

The whole region, even if it is getting wealthier in places, is staggeringly stagnant.

Until the people there want to make change, nothing will happen, and the region will slowly morph into the Caribbean style corrupt society it has too long aspired to be.

(P.S. “Moral Mondays” is a good, new idea, I have to admit. Didn’t get very far, though, as long as the locals don’t care if the government favors exploiters and polluters over the well being of their people.)


I agree but only to the extent that those populations can be mobilized to actually show up to the polls in off year elections. That’s the key to getting a solid base of Dems that can make a difference in the national elections. As RBinNC correctly states, ceding political control to the Repubs on a state level isn’t working out for us. The GOP has understood for a very long time that mobilization on the local level is CRUCIAL. But, our base doesn’t seem to either get that or care.


The problem for the Dems in the South is the same as it is in much of the rest of the country: the Democratic “base” is actually much smaller than it’s popularly supposed to be. If a certain demographic group (young people, single women, or minorities) will not rouse itself to go to the polls more than once every four years when it votes for the big kahuna, it’s stupid to regard it as a “base.”


Neither Arizona nor Texas are part of the South. Most in the South don’t count Florida either. When southerners talk about the south they mean LA, AR, AL, MS, TN, GA, KY, SC, NC, WV and VA. Effectively dixie.

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Sadly, I see this sort of thinking quite often. The election of Obama was a major milestone in American history, and rightly so, he is a hero for the black community.

But I think its a real stretch to think that because some percentage of the black community wanted to be part of the history of electing a black President somehow is going to make them become rabidly politically active. They didn’t.

And while I may be accused of laying a race card with this next comment, it needs to be said…

What is one thing that Grimes, Nunn, Pryor, Hagan and Landrieu all have in common? They are white. Run a strong black candidate in one of those races and I think the results would be quite interesting.

Perhaps it a form of “positive racism” or just simply identity politics, but in my experiences here in Georgia…blacks seem a lot more motivated and likely to vote for a black candidate than a white one.


Neither AZ nor Texas are considered part of the South.

Losing the South as a whole in this past election didn’t hurt as bad as losing Colorado,Iowa and the Senate race in NC. Those hurt. As bad as the map is for GOPs in 2016,Dem pickup hopes in the Senate is only 5-7 seats realistically,which would only result in a small Senate majority. Flipping the House is not a realistic hope in 2016. A Dem president in 2016 is gonna have to deal with a Congress that is much like what Pres. Obama has had to deal with the last 4 years.


Sometimes I’ll see supposed “progressives” claim that the Dems won’t win elections until they broaden their base to speak to larger groups of people that includes older, working class Whites.

And my response to that is, what exactly would you say to them that will get them to vote for Dems? How do you “speak to” that demographic anymore while still claiming to be a Dem? Please don’t misunderstand me: I’m NOT a purity troll and I get the differences in region that Dem lawmakers have to work with. But the reality is issues/people have become to polarized to cover every base to garner a vote. Ask Landrieu how it worked out for her. As much as we may despise her, she was our last best hope. Now that’s gone.


I still have no clue what the Bannock Street Project was actually doing. But whatever it was it didn’t work.


So, for these purposes, is Texas (an ex-Confederate state, much to the disgust of Jefferson Davis) still in The South?