Discussion: The Atlantic Gives Writer Fired For Plagiarism A Second Chance

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Standards shmandards…Welcome to today’s journalistas.
Just ask Bill O’Lielly. He’ll tell ya.


Credibility in journalism, law, and science is like virginity: once you lose it, you do not get it back.


Is there such a shortage of writers that they want to hire a known plagiarist?


Oh how far the Atlantic has plummeted. Pretty soon they’ll be giving columns to people like Andrew Sullivan.

Oh. Never mind.

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If he’d been a minority (including a woman), the Atlantic would’ve never considered second chances.

What next, we find out the Atlantic has a former torturer* of political prisoners in its stable of writers?


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If we find out who his daddy is, we’ll likely solve this inexplicable insult to our collective sense of merit.

In other words, the most important career decison you can make is to be born a white male.

Hey, Atlantic, The Onion called–they want their bizarre satire back…