Discussion: The 12 Most Creeptastic Incidents In TN Lawmaker's Serial Sexual Misconduct

Ladies…this guy is just plain icky. Throw him to the curb, will ya? Make that shit happen. This guy has suspended his campaign for his office, but not resigned. Gotta get in those last few paychecks, I guess.

I would bet the TN. ® AG, working with Republican political operatives, already has someone better in mind to fill this guy’s seat. He’s a liability, otherwise they’d have let him slide. I mean for Republicans hetero-encounters with women, no matter how obscene or unsavory, isn’t normally a death warrant for your career unless it gains critical mass. In Durham’s case, it has reached beyond critical mass, and they need to get a different ® in his seat before his constituents think a Democrat would be better for a change…not that it would make much of a difference in their supermajority TN. House. He’s just creepy weird…This guy is toast.


how did Donnie’s crack VP machine miss vetting this guy?


Here he is with the Mrs.(Jessica). Looks mighty good to me. He’s one horny toad.

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He seems nice.


Holy Shiver Me Timbers, Batman

Every time I read details of a Republican’s attempt at bedding a woman they sound about as smooth and savvy as a twelve year old boy.


They appear ready to mount at any moment.

There’s a thin line between Saturday Night (sexcapades) and Sunday Morning (bible-thumping)

Apologies to Jimmy Buffett…


The phrase “Jane Doe #63” in this article told me everything I needed to know about this guy.


I suspect he’s been watching too much of that “public health crisis” porn the RNC is so concerned about…

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Being TN he will get a slap on the wrist. Behind the scenes he will get atta boys from all.

He’s smirking in that picture, she’s smiling angry.


I’m embarrassed to be the same sex as this guy. What a tone-deaf horn dog.

Yeah. His personality is so bad I bet she won’t even fuck him anymore.

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This guy is just out of control. I can’t help but notice the role alcohol plays in this. Almost every statement references drinking. He is just a big, overgrown fratboy. Would he have been acting like this if he weren’t constantly pickled?


look who has mommy issues and can’t talk to girls unless he’s loaded. I almost feel sorry for him

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Maybe this guy is auditioning for Scott DesJarlais’ current job in more ways than one if you know what I mean.

He would make a great Dugger.

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Yes he would. Difference is, he might want 26 kids but he’d like to have them with 26 women. That part works for me.

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