Discussion: Thad Cochran's Runoff Strategy

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Don’t TeaPUbs realize that women’s/minorities/LGBT right to vote has NOT been repealed?

Tea Partier Is Austerity-Crazed Rookie … which is exactly what the GOP primary voters want.

… GOP … You built that.

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There’s nowhere near enough pop corn …

It’ not a pivot - it’s an Etch-a-Sketch shake!

Whenever I hear or see "Tested’ I hear and see ‘Detested’ . Maybe it’s just me.

If McDaniel wins ‘Hookers and Blow for Everyone’ may be the ‘Chicken in Every Pot’ for our time.

My gut feeling about the Cantor-Bratt race was that all the attempts at a sophisticated analysis of why Cantor lost were just that-- to sophisticated. I thought the real reason was that in a Republican primary the only questions is “Who hates Obama more?” And there were a lot of Republicans in Cantor’s district who were convinced that Cantor didn’t hate Obama enough and, in fact, was married to a woman who had probably voted for Obama twice. If my analysis of the Cantor race is correct, then Cochran is also DOA in the runoff because no one believes that Cochran hates anyone, let alone Barack Obama. The flip side of this, however, is that this will provide the democrats with a powerful organizing tool for the general election-- Yes, even in Mississippi.

Words like “austerity,” “crazed,” and “rookie” appeal to the current Republican base, while words like “tested,” “honor,” “dependable,” and “dignity” remind them of the collectivist establishment.

Is Cochran trying to help McDaniel win the primary?

I find it interesting that the Chamber of Commerce is being so openly anti-Rand Paul. This does node bode well for his 2016 aspirations…