Discussion: Texas Tea Partier Berated At Town Hall For Urging 'Compassion' Toward Migrant Kids (VIDEO)

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I’m kind of relieved that a TP Repub can actually respond with compassion when faced with the truth after having met the real life children in question.

It will remain to be seen if this means he will not be pressured by the ugliness in his base.


Wanna bet she believes chemtrails are a government plot to change the weather.


Baggers is nutz.


Thank little pixie Tom Delay for creating entire districts of foaming at the mouth inbred morons. It really gives Texas a much worse reputation than it deserves.


And these are the same idiots that want to do away with the ACA??? they have multi personality disorder…make up your mind. What about us indeed, we need healthcare.

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Number 1. They are NOT undocumented.

Number 2. They do NOT have those diseases.

Number 3. They US had more outbreaks of measles last year than any Central American County.


I always suspected these panicky suburbanites were freaking out over nothing more than signs and phone messages in Spanish. And that one woman at the end of the long video confirmed it. We do this time and time again, panicking over the existential threat that each wave of immigrants since the Scots-Irish in the 18th century has posed to the society. And it keeps never happening, and we keep never learning.


“Unless we secede…” - big applause line.


As despicable as Tea Party Republicans are, it is important to remember that they are merely the symptom; the voters (like this woman) who keep electing them are the real problem.


““I understand the humanitarian and the compassion. But you are to represent us,” she said. “We have children, and we have elderly people who have immunodeficiency disorders. These are people that are coming in with diseases – leprosy, tuberculosis, polio. You need to represent us.””

She obviously doesn’t understand the medical condition of the kids coming over or the medical routines of treating people with any of those conditions.

Leprosy and Polio are very rare in central america. I would be surprised if any of those kids had Polio.

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Jesus would have spit on these children and told them to get a job.


“One new related rumor is being shamelessly pushed by immigration foes – that the children flocking to the U.S. from Latin America are bringing diseases with them. But federal officials say the children are being evaluated and immunized as needed, and that some of their home countries have higher vaccination rates than the U.S.”


Are you questioning this fine lady’s facts?? She did her research, gosh darn it! And she knows all those things to be facts, just like she knows there are 92 million unemployed people in this country. Next thing, you’ll be questioning that the US has a 67% rate of unemployment!


I don’t feel comfortable exposing these children to the stupidity this woman has to offer.


She has all the documentation from WorldNetDaily!

What do you do when a large percentage of your population is certifiably insane and certifiably racist? How long do we have before this all turns to massive social violence?


Reap what you’ve sown, fuckers?

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Based on 2,000 year of his followers behavior, I would have to rate this as 100% true.

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Everyone, sing with me!

“Jesus loathes the little children
All the children of the world
Red & yellow, black & non-white
he’d shoot 'em on sight
Jesus loathes the little children of the wooooorld!!”


Totally. See you at the alamo, dearie.