Discussion: Texas Reaches Settlement In Suit Over Its Shoddy Non-Citizen Voter Fraud List

Texas Reaches Settlement In Suit Over Its Shoddy Non-Citizen Voter Fraud List

The true outcome here is that they will try a similar thing in another way. They have several other state’s “ideas” about how to do this to select from. This will be an ongoing battle.


Republicans continue to find any way to make it harder for American citizens who don’t vote for Republicans to vote…it’s the only way they can keep power in the face of their bad policies and the demographics that are seeing through their nonsense. Unfortunately, it’s working…which means we have to work harder to get control of the government back enough to block these things, and then hold onto it until we have enough power to undo their anti-American policies.

It’s probably also important to identify their actions as anti-American, because they really do go against the principles this nation was founded on.


They knew EXACTLY what they were doing. These snakes will just try and find another way to fk the REPUBLIC! Sam Houston is turning over in his grave.


But won’t this mean more brown people voting? What about the children? The white children?


Rump publicans’ natural approval rating, if their true beliefs are understood honestly, is about 25% tops. Even their best election rigging only gets them down to about a 45% threshold, so we really need to work on beating back the lying until those bastards only poll 44.


Great! Now who’s going to jail for wholesale disenfranchisement of legitimate voters? I believe it was a 5 year sentence for voting while technically ineligible, so disenfranching 10,000 should be how many consecutive life sentences?


Everyone is so mean to caucasians. It’s gotta stop.


How much will Texas fine itself for sending false voter information to county registrars?


Looks like no one.

They really should face the same amount of jail time as that Texas woman who accidentally voted illegally, if not more.


Folded after the flop, did they?


“Under the procedure outlined in the new settlement, the secretary of state will look at the date of voter party registration when comparing its voter rolls to the DPS data, and only send over to counties the names of individuals who” did not register as Republicans. SoS Whitley said it is a violation of his sincerely held religious beliefs to register voters in other parties.


The way Republicans see it, why bother to keep an accurate list, when all you want to do is ban people who you think might vote against you? Government doesn’t work. Republicans told you so. And they should know.

They’re running the government.


Well, they were feeling good with their 2, 7 offsuit. Statistics be damned, they were sure the flop was coming up 7, 7, 2.

So who pays the lawyers fees and the court costs. Should be the texas gop.


Said another way, its just another Texas Side-Step:


There’s a hidden bit of good news here: This utterly transparent attempt to illegally disenfranchise tens of thousands of Democratic voters proves just how desperate the GOP is to save itself from total irrelevance and permanent defeat. The GOP knows it cannot possible win honestly, so it’s now just a matter of finding more ways to criminally beat the system. It’s some comfort to know that the GOP knows how fragile its hold on power really is.


Of course they folded like a cheap table.

What else could they do? Admit they did not want People of Color to vote. What state do you think this is North Carolina?

North Carolina Republicans just bragged that black voter turnout is down in their state

In a press release, the party claimed the numbers show the “North Carolina Obama coalition” is “crumbling.”
By German Lopez|@germanrlopez|german.lopez@vox.com
Nov 7, 2016, 2:08pm EST

“Of course it’s political. Why else would you do it?” he said, explaining that Republicans, like any political party, want to protect their majority. While GOP lawmakers might have passed the law to suppress some voters, Wrenn said, that does not mean it was racist.

“Look, if African Americans voted overwhelmingly Republican, they would have kept early voting right where it was,” Wrenn said. “It wasn’t about discriminating against African Americans. They just ended up in the middle of it because they vote Democrat.”


No can do. You get a new card for each election cycle, and you don’t declare party until you ask for a primary ballot.

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As we might say in Texas… The GOP here has sunk lower than a snake’s belly in a wheel rut.