Discussion: Texas GOP Ramps Up Effort To Pass Voter ID Law Changes

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In Texas, gerrymandering is a freaking art form. As is voter suppression.

I hate these guys. Thankfully the legislature only meets every two years. It limits the damage they can do, at least somewhat.


I’m not sure that subjecting Texas to preclearance by a Sessions DoJ is such a great idea. Does successful preclearance create a presumption of nondiscrimination in subsequent litigation? I wonder whether the 10-year sentence for being mistaken about the nature of a “substantial impediment” is sufficient to send the law back again.

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The stock photos of Abbott make it appear that he is always in the throws of flaming hemorrhoids!

The TX "freedom caucus" is worse than in DC and with it being the majority, they rely on kicking their illegal procedures long enough to win elections.      I fear for the citizens of Texas and how their hate will spread to the nation.

I don’t understand the use of the “ticker tape”, scrollbar-controlled comment. Is it from a cellphone or something?
Other than a utility, it is an ugly and bothersome thing to read.

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Vote suppression is a winning strategy for the GOP. You can’t expect them to give up so easily.


I think it’s an artifact from TPM using a default markdown editor and viewer. Put four spaces in front of anything and their comment system treats it as source code.

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Everything that Abbott does needs to be seen through the lens of his personal ambition. This venal, evil man, who makes Rick Perry look harmless, is planning to run for president in 2020. He is setting out to put his far right, southern extremist bona fides in place for that. His reelection next year is no biggie, unless the Lt. Guv Bathroom Panic Patrick decides to challenge him, which would be a fabulous mudslinging fest to watch.

Texas for my entire life has been the bastion of GOP’rs who believe in fiscal responsibility and smalle government, yet the Texas GOP lead by current Gov Abbot, is strong-arming the cities of Texas by signing the sanctuary cities law (probably going to get overturned in court), passes the Texas bathroom bill (bad for local school districts and probably just like NC bad for business), pass the anti-subpeona bill against 501c3 groups like churches being forced to comply with state subpeona which question their non-profit status (this is related the Houston anti-descrimination law defeated by local churches and their members, short fund texas education, etc.

Where did all the real republicans go? Where are you libertarians? Where are you christians?

God, Texas is such a mess ( say this as a native Texans).

All those vote suppression laws are un-American and should also be un-Constitutional. When we get rid of them the Re-piglickin party will be dead forever.

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Effect confirmed. Is there anything interesting we can do with this treatment, or is the annoying scroll view about the extent?

You can use it to block out text inside a box, control line breaks, and use monospace font for alignment effects. Only reason yours and the other has a scrollbar is because the line is so long. That’s an artifact of having taken control of line breaks.

Here's an example
what shorter lines look like
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I think the Supremes are starting to get really pissed at these clowns.

Wow, so we can make awesome text pictures just like on Usenet… }-)

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Now that reminds me of someone… give me a minute and I’ll think of it…