Discussion: Texas Eases Back Immediate Call To Block Syrian Refugees From Entering The State

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Awwh, darn! I did want to see Abbott personally arrested, after blocking the refugees from entering TX, by Federal Marshalls slapping him into jail. Darn!


I work a stone’s throw from the Governor’s Mansion and I’d walk over to see that! Pssst. Don’t tell him I’m the one who’s been throwing the stones.


Abbot and the rest of the people in Texas’s government obviously don’t know that it takes 18-24 months to allow a Syrian refugee into this country because the vetting process goes through many levels and to many departments including Homeland Security, DOS, DOD, FBI, etc. Only 1800 have been admitted in the past two years, can’t imagine there’d be an increase in settlement any time soon.

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Well, perhaps the Syrians can petition for refugee status in Mexico, then, according to Texas they can just walk north across the border.

Personally, I’d recommend the multi-year vetting process, but it does reduce government involvement, which I’ve heard Texas is a big fan of.

Or, Texas could just request the refugees be placed on one of the freaky fundamentalist cult compounds that seem to be common on the state. The refugees will high-tail it to a saner state in a matter of days.


DepEnds ON the SIZe of their CALVes.

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What’s the Syrian equivalent of a cantaloupe? (typing/Internet sounds)

Holy shit, you’re going to love this, but cantaloupe has been cultivated in the Middle East for the last 4,000 - 5,000 years… we’re totally screwed.


Once again before the crazies on this site malign the everyone in the State of Texas please note the the Corp Address of the IRC

Address: 6500 Greenville Ave #500, Dallas, TX 75206
Phone:(214) 461-9781
Hours: Open today · 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM

Thanks for your contributions to this Organization.

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You call people who comment here “crazies” and then you ask for contributions? It doesn’t work that way. P.S. Most of the people in Texas deserve to be maligned with the exception of the very few I’ve known and are friends with.


hehe, anyone remember when the GOP was the party out to do away with ‘frivolous lawsuits’?

Why is it I can’t seem to go a week without seeing some new suit filed by a Republican controlled state legislature?

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Cuz nothing sez Christmas like rejecting people in need. Nothin’ sez courage like cowering in fear of a family running away from war and brutal blood fueled carnage.
And the kicker is the refugees we do accept are more thoroughly vetted than the people we elect who have access to the goddamn nuclear codes. Does nobody see the epic stupidity in this?


Abbot just got a message from NRA’s LaPeePee to gather as many Syrians as possible in a vacant Walmart store (where BenCarson stores his grain in the tunnels) for a final solution to the problem…

Don’t mess with Texas?

Will that be the new slogan?

Gee, I was looking forward to TX having to pay the legal fees of organizations fighting it on this issue (along with DOJ) like Alabama now has to pay the legal fees of planned parenthood. . . . .

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They know, lgb, they know!


I was just checking on comments one last time, and I also happened to have just finished reading this in the NYT about Governor Abbott and his lack of Christian convictions, and of course Texas knows how difficult it is to get in, but it’s convenient to pretend they don’t. Here’s the link and here’s what jumped out at me about Abbott’s hypocrisy. He received a settlement of $10 million from the homeowner whose tree fell and crippled him, and then he went on to become a proponent for tort reform and limiting medical malpractice awards to $250,000.00


Legalities aside, why send refugees to a state that doesn’t want them? Some of us have governors who are neither bigots, panderers, nor cowards. Send the refugees here.

Oh, stop cluttering up a “hot button” issue with the facts. It does nothing but confuse the morons.

Dang! Just have another Jade Helm exercise timed to coincide with the Syrians coming to Texas and those Texans will have a nervous breakdown.

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