Discussion: Texas Candidates Mull Decriminalizing 'Improper Entry' Border Crossings

Not sure where I stand on this, maybe going too far in the other extreme. But hey at least Trump is feeding them.


Maybe we’d better hold all calls between PM Viktor Orban and Trump. I think Trump has already implemented one of Orban’s moves against asylum seekers.


The long-predicted impacts of global warming are here.

Orbán is doing what he can to stop the invasion of Hungary. Many things wrong with the crap NPR is feeding. For one simple thing, Hungary is not the main access to Europe. That’s a confusion of geography and recent events. Hungary simply does not want to have the EU dictate who they will accept.

Globalist elite crap is fueling the ascendancy of populists like Orbán.

Wait until the Swedish election next month. Sweden Democrats will take over, and a ton of illegals invaders will be dumped into the Baltic sea.

I have no idea why these folks in TX think that open-borders policies will help in their electability. There’s no way that Dem will be elected Gov anyway, so he can propose whatever lunacy he wishes.

Well, Hungarians certainly know about invading Europe…

I suppose you are talking about Attila the Hun in 483? Other than that, Hungary has been invaded by 1) Ottomans from 1500-1701 2) Austria from 1701-1918 and 3) CCCP from 1945-1989. They are the invadee in the last 500 years, not the invader.

Good grief… Where do you think the Hungarians came from? They’re a non-Indo-European people who only arrived in what’s now Hungary from the Ural area in the 800s. They spent the next 150 years plundering almost all of Europe from Constantinople to France, Italy, and Muslim Spain.

So, your idea of “justice” is that since Hungarians invaded that territory 1300 years ago, they should agree to an invasion by Muslim terrorists now? Gee, that’s truly the stupidest thing I’ve heard all morning. Assuming that this is serious, which it probably is not.

Your ridiculous idea of Hungarian culpability in the actions of persons 1300 years ago is similar to the morons who call Thomas Jefferson a rapist. Note also that at the same general time, the Normans invaded Britain (1066), the Moors invaded Spain, the Vandals invaded Africa, on and on and on. An honest commentator would note that there are very few peoples in the world in any location which have NOT at some historical point engaged in imperialistic irredentism or territorial conquest.

Watching you lose your shit about this is highly amusing.

Bringing a brief moment of amusement to folks is my raison d’etra. I’m so pleased that you are amused.

Ensuring that the decriminalization of basic illegal, non-felony unauthorized entry in the US, is decriminalized and treated for the basic infraction that it is is certainly is, is very important. Just as important, is ensuring that the obvious language from the right (which of course would be that these are terrorist, drug people, and criminals) is buffered by a policy that supports a robust intelligence outfit meant to prevent child trafficking, drug trafficking, and general lawlessness is supported to ensure such a policy has success.

The world is not black and white, unless we think it is so. We need solutions that take into account that time, which will pass, gives us an opportunity to make changes that ensure that policy is best situated for the culture it represents.

Our current policy, although it pains me to admit it, is awful from a humanity perspective. Trump is a demagogue, he is not unique, it is affecting other western nations like Austria, Denmark, Belgium, Italy, Hungary, Australia, Egypt, Thailand etc. This is a movement that must be bested.