Discussion: Texas Agrees To Weaken Voter ID Law After Big Appeals Court Loss

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Sucks to be Texas…
Look out for the brown wave about to sweep the state.


Is there some way to liquefy this article and inject it directly into my vein?


A gun may also be shown.


I am a Democratic elections judge in Texas. The judge needs to nix the affidavit. That validates the whole ID requirement. Then once she is satisfied with the agreement, she needs to then make the state advertise far and wide that no ID is actually required. Just knowing they needed to have a particular ID kept some folks away from the polls all together, especially students. I am OK with proof of residency which does have bearing on voting for down ballot races, but if a person’s name is not the same as the name on say, the utility bill, we still would have a problem in our more rabidly red precincts.


Yep, because you can be sure that the Republican poll-watchers are going to be trained to create all kinds of shenanigans.


Next week’s polls will reflect a partially free convention week.

How long until Trump calls out Judge Ramos for being “Mexican”…?


I agree. Voter registration already requires proof of personal ID and physical residency. Restricting voter ID to documents that poor folks don’t possess amounts to a poll tax.


Thanks for your observation, mkposs. Nevertheless, this seems very close to a complete and utter rout for the haters, a capitulation that I am thoroughly enjoying. (Not that they won’t be back to try again, of course.)


We may hope and pray that when HRC appoints Scalia’s replacement that a new challenge to voter ID laws will go to the SCOTUS.

The new court can then use the glaring fact that as soon as portions of the Voting Rights Act were voided the very things that the right-wing politicians-in-robes declared to no longer be a problem proved, yes, to very much be a problem, and reinstate the entire act.

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The remedy is Missouri’s current voter ID law which I believe should serve as a model. Missouri’s Republican party however favors Texas’ original law and is seeking to pass it.

Voter ID will be ruled unconstitutional next year when we have a full supreme court. Also citizens united will be over turned and new voting rights will be passed.

Kansas, Texas, North Carolina…it’s sweeping up to be a bad year to be a Republican nut job.