Discussion: Tenn. Lawmakers Call For Capitol To Remove Bust Of Confederate General

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If this move continues, at least it’s a teeny tiny step away from the 19th century for the south. Next up, acceptance that the south fought a war in defense of slavery. I know–baby steps.


How about this- symbols of hatred and treason should not be celebrated…

It would be nice if the South finally stopped clinging to the past…


Is it true that the state of Missouri took the statue of Rush Limbaugh and put it outside on the grounds in the rain? And a pair of house finches have built a nest on one shoulder and are using the other to poop on?


I thought that was the statue of Martin Scorsese

The headline for this article shows how the “heritage” argument still pervades mainstream views of the South. Imagine how different the valence would be if the piece were titled “Lawmakers Call For Tenn. Capitol To Remove Bust Of Klan Founder.”


I thought that was a joke. I’m mortified to see that they really have a bush of Lumpbaugh in their statehouse.

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No. The finches use the wide-open mouth to poop in.


No, he is the only junkie who has a statue to him.

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Poop comes out of the mouth of the real life Rush.


Hey can somebody enable the comments for the Santorum story?

…and while we’re getting rid of symbols of hate.

Get rid of the PusLimbaugh bust in the rotunda of the MO state capitol.

Try it now.

Total agreement - I was just amazed. This is much less defensible than the battle flag. You can honor people who died in battle even if they were fighting for bad stuff. But FOREST - when did he get put in.

The guy who started all this, Roof, must be going crazy. He wanted to start a race war and instead people are finally coming out and calling for his treasured flag to be gone.

That pitard must really be sticking him.

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Nathan Bedford Forrest was a good general, and a thorough-going racist who was the first Grand Dragon of the KKK.

His bust belongs in the Tennessee State Museum—not in the Capitol, which is a magnificent building, designed by the architect William Strickland (whose tomb is in the wall of the Tn. Capitol.)
He was a student of Benjamin Latrobe, who designed the US Capitol, and was one of the creators of the American Neoclassical style.
The Tennessee State Capitol is widely considered his finest work—and the bust of Forrest has no place in it.


Rush’s Grandfather and namesake was a long time judge in MO. To the extent there is a statue, it would be if that Rush. Not the one on the radio.

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I find this amazing.

Granted, I was born, raised and spent all but 3 years of my life in California. Perhaps I’m less exposed to these things than most in the South. Still, I find the cognitive dissonance incredible, that allows significant portions of our country to pretend institutional racism doesn’t exist (or was fixed), yet so many states have iconic symbols of racism on their Capitol grounds. These things are so embedded in our states’ histories that it wouldn’t surprise me if most local citizens couldn’t distinguish state history from the confederate-era state history.

Forrest was a founding member of the KKK and its first Grand Wizard. Time to put the garbage out.

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And lest we forget he was also the Confederate General that was largely responsible for the Fort Pillow Massacre.

From the Wiki article:

Historian Richard Fuchs, the author of An Unerring Fire, concludes, “The affair at Fort Pillow was simply an orgy of death, a mass lynching to satisfy the basest of conduct – intentional murder – for the vilest of reasons – racism and personal enmity.”