Discussion: Ted Cruz Visits N.H., Vows To Abolish IRS And Education Department

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Holy excrement! Here it is, only about 7:40AM Arizona time, and the rightwing nut-job bullshit tornado is already at F5 on the Fujita scale.

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I thought for awhile that he wouldn’t run but he just can’t stand being out of the glare of the set lighting. When the candidates start declaring,Boehner and McConnell are the only ones who’ll get any oxygen. Everyone else’s O2 on the GOP side is gonna get sucked outta the room.

Indendiary. Desperate. Self-righteous. Dangerous.


Are there any people, outside the truly insane right wing types, who truly believe that abolishing the IRS could really happen? No matter who is president taxes must be collected or the president won’t get his presidential salary. Perhaps for Cruz just being master of all he surveys would be enough; no monetary reward needed? I guess you could call it something other than the IRS but somebody needs to do the job.

Why don’t we ask Greece how well not having a functioning agency to collect taxes works?

Having an uneducated populous works just fine for Warlords and Religious Zealots. Just check with Africa, S.E. Asia and the Middle East.

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No I.R.S.?

Then how are you going to collect your paycheck?

Oh that’s right, the koch bros are paying you.

Never mind.

Wow, Ted Cruz is an imbecile…breaking news. TPM should do an article about how a sparsely populated part of a relatively insignificant state has so much influence on our national elections. That’s utter BS.

Abolish the Department of Education says Cruz. Because teachers just ride the gravy train, unlike his odious self. He is soooo wrong. Again.