Discussion: Ted Cruz Says Trump 'Embodies New York Values'

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Most people with IQ’s higher than rhubarb would take NY values over TX values most times - as right now TX values seem to embrace succession (Abbott) or the Christian Taliban (Patrick) or the combination of both (Cruz)!


Cruz needs to realize he and Trump are equally abhorred by most New Yorkers and neither would bother to campaign here as they know they could never carry the state. Cruz will of course come to town to beg for money…


Trump: When would this canadian quit whining? I love NY values. It gave me multiple marriages and billions of $$. Why would I trade it with socialist Canadian values? Also, Cruz went to NY gays to raise money. What does it say about him?

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Trumpet has the distinction of having been hated longer and probably more profoundly by New Yorkers than Cruz has, but he’s working to catch up. It’ll be easy. Hope he doesn’t start bragging about Texas values.

She could have been in one of those New York buildings doing the work New Yorkers do so well which might have been the reason they were targeted…


I grew up in NYC so I’d have to agree but what I’ll always value about NY along with all the obvious ones are the delis. None better.


Slightly off topic but – I was wondering if old Teddy boy, or Filito as he was once called, ever registered for the draft as required by American law when he was 18. Technically he was still a Canadian citizen at the time – 1988 – but still required to register as an alien immigrant. Somebody in Donald’s cadre ought to raise the question…and why did he skip out on the first Gulf war? Another chickenhawk…


Ted: Your wife is a Wall Street investment banker.


That’s an odd thing to say. Born in the USA is by Bruce Springsteen and he’s a Jersey boy…not a New Yorker. As far as Trump not representing the GOP base or values he better tell them that. Trump’s got 38 % of them.

It’s also an asinine thing to say. Anyone that’s been to NYT knows it’s America’s city, the most international and eclectic in the world and has no one set of values. It’s got millions of them.

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Let Cruz and Trump bludgeon the hell out of each other!! Let 'er rip!!


Great question!

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Please, please, please send his campaign a pallet of Pace salsa.


This from a guy who’s a sociopathic long-con grifter who tells appalling lies and slanders with every other breath. You’d think, if there were a God who cared about such things, that if Cruz dared to say the word “values” he’d burst into flames and demons would come to drag him down to hell.


Oranger than Orange Julius…

A rare loss of message discipline from the sociopath. Despite repeated goading by the Hairpiece, this is only his second swipe at Trump, whose votes he hopes to inherit.


Cruz isn’t running for president of the entire United States – including New York – he is running for president of Jesusland – country of the real americans.


Cruz: I cant stand NY. They are morally corrupt. I am with Osama Bin Laden on this.
Ann Coulter: touché.


Sorry but it only happens like that in movies.

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Fundamentalists who carry on the most and seek to impose their form of religion on others are the ones with the least spirituality. Their piety is just a thinly veiled facade masking a big black hole of contempt. But that permanent sneer etched on Cruz’s face is the tell.


Thought you and BeattyCat might be able to describe what Kimmy was wearing last night at the State of Union gala: I know it’s the layered look like in Lawrence of Arabia but stuck on the overall look.

New York values.

Wears shoes?
Goes to the dentist?
Reads books?
Wears eyeglasses?
Has never killed or injured another person while cleaning a gun?
Once met a Jew?
Thinks sisters should sleep in a separate bed?

You know, all the qualities someone south of the Mason-Dixon might lack?