Discussion: Ted Cruz Praises Bush Social Security Privatization Plan

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This. Creature. Will. Never. Be. President!!


This. Creature. Will. Never. Be. Relevant!


In a way I wish the repubs would pick Cruz so that he can be crushed in a general. I don’t think Dems are that lucky though.


Ted Ooze-o-Matic wasn’t born while Ronnie was in office…

That should disqualify him immediately. No Twitter, No Facebook. So RR may not have existed…
in TED-ophiles minds…

When one thinks bush did the right thing or had a good idea, you are doomed for the rest of your life.
keep preachin teddy, it’s all downhill from here.


I wish I got a screen shot of Cruz when he touched that third rail. Seeing his skeleton light up and shine through his body as those megavolts surged through it was kinda cool.


Advocate for privatization of Social Security and watch your campaign dry up and blow away.


No way. His wife works for a Goldman Sachs and he thinks we should let Goldman Sachs invest our SSI money? I don’t believe it.


Another GOP lunatic who wants to kill your grandmother.


Not only will privatizing Social Security never sell to the general public, but that nonsense about doing it to save Medicare is ludicrous (I know I am preaching to the choir). I can’t find the link right now, but I am sure I read that savings from Obamacare have already extended the life of the Medicare program by 5+ years and that trajectory is expected to continue. C’mon Dems, get that message out there.


Yes, Ted, privatize Social Security because next time Wall Street decides to steal it all, let them end retirement in the United States and let every American work until the day they die.

Republicans played a big part in killing the laws that would prevent another crash like the one under Bush, the previous privatization champion, in 2008. So there will be another greed-induced crash, we just don’t know when. Were it not for Social Security, many of us would already be working until the day we die.

I hope Hillary really supports Social Security, unlike Obama who supported it only in election seasons and proposed cuts when he no longer had to face an election himself.

Why is it that people never question the fact that the people who want to take away or cut it down to a postage stamp allowance, are multi millionaires and probably won’t have any need for SS payments when they retire. I wonder if they take the payments anyway because they feel entitled with a capital “ENTITLED”?


“What I do know is that today, we have got to preserve and reform Medicare.”

Agree, Senator Cruz, and to do that we have to keep your mitts, and the mitts of your backers, off of the Social Security Trust Fund’s $2.7 trillion surplus.

If I was in a room with my (under 40 years of age) children, and then agreed with this self-hating psycho that “first, no changes to those in or near retirement” (thus leaving my son and daughter at the mercy of the Stock Market while my old ass is taken care of by a proven system), I would expect for them both to walk out of the house and never speak to me again.


a personal account that they own, that they control, and that they can pass onto their heirs.

Or can be skimmed and used as poker chips at the Wall Street casino by your wife and her buddies.

Doesn’t matter, “Ted”, as you’re never going to be nominated and will never be president.


Republicans are so disingenuous when speaking of taxes, social programs, a safety net, etc. Face it, they wouldn’t lose a minute of sleep if every single citizen in the country making below $50,000 a year just keeled over and croaked. As a matter of fact they’d leap for joy because nearly the entire constituency wanting those programs would be gone. Then they’d be able to pocket the money they honestly feel is being stolen from them, money that is rightfully theirs. Every single dollar spent on a sick, poor, disabled, retired or unemployed person is literally a dollar taken directly out of a 1%-er’s pocket. Every. Single. Dollar. They want that money, and they’ll never stop attempts at clawing it back.

Hasn’t anybody told Cruz what happened when Bush proposed privatizing social security. It didn’t go well, and Bush wisely backed down.