Discussion: Ted Cruz: I Agree With Obama, Sterlings Comments Were 'Ignorant And Offensive'

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I’m sorry, but why is this news? Please stop giving this asshat constant coverage of his every banal utterance.



Cruz and his TEDophiles are too smart to let their bigorty/hate be so blatantly displayed.

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But Ted Nugent’s even more racist comments?? No denunciation, right Calgary Ted?


I think Cruz just lost half his constituency.


“See? I’m not an obstructionist”

Too bad there’s not audio, we could edit it to make Cruz say “I agree with President Obama, you didn’t build that.”

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So he waited until after the NBA issued their ruling? Does that mean he had alternate statements ready should they have ruled differently?


but not a peep about Palin’s insult to christians/specially catholics.

¿isn’t 10-30 # an OppeyDayDude?

Now that’s a sterling comment- that Cruz is ignorant and offensive.


The end of days must be near!

Wingnut cries of “Squish!” incoming in 4, 3,2, 1…

Why the need to piggyback off Obama’s statement? Your statement should stand on the merits of the argument.

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It probably won’t hurt him with his fans since they’ve invested too much in him to give up now.

Calgary Ted, that I gotta love.

In Alaska, our former half-term governor is Snowbank Snookie.


In Ted’s case, he DID need a weatherman [Adam Silver] to know which way the wind blew.

(This was supposed to be a reply to Sylhines, but I can’t delete this and repost, apparently.)

Teddy NEEDS a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.

Too bad he proposes and fights for racist policies.

Too bad for all Americans.

Isn’t an asshat taking a 10-second pause from being an asshat news? I fully expected him to rip the Prez on this too. Hey, it’s good when Teapartiers criticize tea-thinking, it sows confusion in the ranks.

“As long as they can entertain me,” says Teddy Bear Cruz, “I will not call them names. Let them be poor and I will bring the hammer down !!!”