Discussion: Teacher's 1-Month Rape Sentence Overturned

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Please, please throw the book at him. The idea that a 14 year old girl could be responsible for her own statutory rape is reprehensible. And the ‘free pass’ the original judge gave this guy means that he is indulgent toward men who cannot control their illegal and immoral urges.


Why is he being treated differently than the many women teachers who have been convicted of having sex with students?

How many of them went to jail for their statutory rape?

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The judge and the defendant are patriots in MT.

You ask like it’s a rhetorical question, but the answer is at least all of the ones I’ve seen reported. You are full of it.

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What is your evidence that he is being treated differently?

There is evidence that, overall, male teachers engaging in sex with students receive greater punishment than female teachers guilty of the same (see this analysis by a New Jersey newspaper for an example http://www.nj.com/news/index.ssf/2013/04/a_look_at_teacher-student_sex.html#incart_m-rpt-1 ).

But, all cases are individual and even differences in treatment between two populations can arise from more factors than just bias against the male teachers.

For example: age of the student; impact on the student; strength of evidence available to the prosecution; willingness of student to testify; student portrayal to others of the relationship and the teacher; previous disciplinary/legal record of teacher; location(s) of the offenses; advice from counsel (93 of the 97 cases in the NJ analysis were resolved by plea bargain); prominence of the story in local news (and, perhaps, prominence of the DA’s political ambitions); whether or not there was a direct supervisory relationship between the teacher and the student; and so on.

The variability of outcomes is very large, even within a single-gender population of defendants, so to imply a gender bias based on the outcome of a single case is a speculative act.

He should have been given a much harsher sentencing than 1-month, and the Judge who issued this non-sentence should be disbarred.


That was really depressing when it happened, I’m glad there’s gonna be a do-over. And the original Judge should be retired. Now.


awful & stupid as the original sentence was - what is the legal process that permits the state to go to a case where the criminal has been sentenced & has served the sentenced time - and then reopen it and increase the amount of time served?

And here I was looking forward to a new trend in sentencing. Contract killers getting reduced time because the people they bumped off were real scumbags. Muggers given a suspended sentence because any fool should have known not to walk down that street in a good suit at night.

Nope, this kind of line is only trotted out by male judges having mercy on rapists. (Anyone remember the “seductive 5-year-old” case?)


“The judge and the defendant are patriots in MT.” Not hardly! Most everyone here is outraged about the judge and the light sentence.

Put up a citation for that remark or admit you practice bigotry based on geography.

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Teacher’s 1-Month Rape Sentence Overturned

In his defense, being sentenced to a month of rape seems a little harsh…

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Good God, no. Please tell me that defense didn’t actually work.

You missed my point, entirely.

By all means, proceed to clarify your point. Would be interested in how else to take your remark save to consider that it lumped all Montanans into on view and not a pretty one. I live here, my experience with people here is at opposition to your post.

How about using a search engine called google. Look up all the female teachers who have been convicted of having sex with male students and see how many of them were given 15 year prision sentences or given any jail time at all.