Discussion: Teacher Allegedly Tells Biracial Student Black People Aren't Smart

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No need to go to the press? Nope. Go directly to court.


Before anything else this teacher needs to be removed from any teaching duties and contact with kids. Then fired, tarred 'n feathered and the rest.


Will the teacher claim that he was just using “satire”?


When did CPAC start holding their convention in a California school?


What 19th Century school is this “old school” teacher from?

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Nothing like a teacher whose breadth of knowledge comes from Andrea Tantaros and Fox. Maybe he is a regular listener of Alex Jones like the SC schoolmarm who told Santorum that Obama tried to nuke Charleston.


Charter school. Nuff said.


Rock Ridge Elementary


Shawn B. said in the suit he’d attempted to resolve the issue with the school’s principal but was told to meet with the teacher who was “old school.”

If this is true, the principal needs to be fired pronto.


The teacher was “Old School” as in the 1850’s.

Teacher Allegedly Tells Biracial Student Black People Aren’t Smart

Well, in Carnine’s defense, there is Ben Carson.


Wasilla Kardashian and the Baggers will defend a union-member teacher for the first time in 5, 4, 3, 2, …

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people that don’t know they came from black people, are not smart.


BlACKs arE resPONSIBLe for ALL the Crime AND JEws FOR alL the SEX ON TV!11!1one!!1!


I recall when that was the odor coming out of the Romney campaign, that Obama was somehow or other not really smart enough for the job.



What century are we living in?

I may have seen this movie before, and if so, the plot may have a twist. Need more information though. But this a part I want to key in on for a moment:

Eighth-grade history teacher Steven Carnine at Paul Revere Charter Middle School and Magnet Center reportedly held a discussion about racial stereotypes on Jan. 16, the suit alleged. The conversation, which occurred the day after Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, addressed the shooting of unarmed black teenager Michael Brown who was killed by a white police officer in Ferguson, Mo., KCBS reported.

There’s a lot missing here, but if Mr. Carnine was one of the organizers and hosts of the discussion, why would he turn around and say such things? One possibility is that he was role-playing, and acting out racist comments and stereotypes. Think that’s not possible?

My story:

I knew a former teacher of mine who was nailed for sending home a list of racist comments against white people. Horrible, right? Who the fuck does something so openly offensive and racist? Parents were offended, and the shit-storm broke out. He was soon fired.

But what was really going on? His assignment was for the kids to take home the comments, review them and write about how the experience of reading those comments felt. The slurs were made-up stereotypes and derogatory slurs against white people - the point of which was for - white students especially - to feel what it’s like in another’s shoes. By the way, the teacher was white too.

Let me add that this was the best teacher I ever had. He taught middle school history and social studies. He introduced us students to Mahatma Gandhi, brought in the real, unsanitized college-level resources for us to read. Discussions in his class were deep and provocative - like nothing I’d ever seen before or since. The cheerleaders would step out of their ditzy aloof personas and shock us other students with insightful comments. At one point - and I have no idea how we got to this point - one football jock in class confessed that his father had never never told the student that he loved him. Seriously?!?! Yeah, it happened. So, this was the kind of teacher he was.

Fired because people misunderstood what he was trying to do.

Now, do we have a version of that happening here? I can’t tell, but based on the paragraph I’ve quoted, that seems entirely possible.

It’s also entirely possible that Mr. Carnine is a complete racist douchebag. But I’ll reserve judgement until I know more.