Discussion: Tea Party Group FreedomWorks Dances On Boehner's Grave

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“Washington is run by the people, not politicians and special interests.”

Explains “Washington’s” popularity.


“This is because of them, and whoever becomes the new speaker needs to keep this in mind,” Brandon said of the group’s activists. “Washington is run by the people, not politicians and special interests.”

The following statement is not only bs, but it needs to be bookmarked for future reference.


I’m sorry, but unlike the doomsayers on another thread, I think the tea partiers are the ones who will be crying when they experience the results of his departure.


When Teabafggers are in charge of things, their whining can drown out the takeoff of a jet plane.


If I recall, Dr. Frankenstein was proud of his creation at the beginning as well.


By getting rid of whatever chances they had at compromise, they’ve now pretty much ensured that every piece of legislation to leave the House will receive a veto. Go FreedomWorks!


I watched Boehner during the Pope’s speech to Congress yesterday, and while I am surprised at this action by Boehner coming so quickly, it is not entirely unexpected. the Pope in a very subtle and direct way brought attention to the hatred of the GOP for the American people, something I know that the two men behind him on the dais saw and heard. Biden merely smiled gently (alright, sometimes he could barely keep from laughing) at the way the Pope took four people who were instrumental in activism that is in direct opposition to all the Tea Party/GOP stands for and shamed those idiots with our own history - not that any of them noticed because that would take a brain.

BUT, Boehner, a life long Catholic, noticed and felt that shame - it was on his face. He saw that what his party has become is in direct opposition to his faith and to its leader. One commentator noted that Boehner had wanted a private audience with the Pope but had not gotten it because so many cardinals were in the room. I think Boehner wanted spiritual counseling, not to try to ease the Pope to his party’s ideology, but to ease his own conscience. Instead, he and his party of fundamentalist jerks got a public scolding and Boehner got his choice made for him by his own faith.

He has resigned not for political reasons, but for religious ones of conscience. I will be interested to see what he does next - follow the lead of the Pope, change parties, or just fade into obscurity. I may not like Mr. Boehner’s politics, but at times he was the voice of reason in the House, and his leaving will create a vacuum that will harm the public discourse unless he follows the Pope and speaks out to the American people on the subjects which his party has abandoned and the Pope embraces.


Stay tuned. This is incredible timing. Where will they find a speaker that can represent all the factions of the GOP? Would anyone with a brain want the job? The GOP has been threatening to rupture ever since the creation of the TP faction. This could be it. I could see the party leadership going to JB in three weeks or so and begging him to stay.

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And voters though the house lead by boner was dysfunctional? I think we haven’t seen shit yet. I think this came at a bad time for the GOP when there’s a year left in the campaign cycle.

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Eventually, yes, the tea-publicans will suffer for this. But in the short term they will revel, dancing around the pig’s head on a spike.

Meanwhile, a slew of really important legislation will get mired in uncertainty and novice incompetence.


"“Washington is run by the people, not politicians…”

An astounding level of stew-pud.