Discussion: Tea Partier McDaniel Says 'Liberal Media' Engaged In 'Witch Hunt' Against him

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Classic Republican stategery! Be really really sleazy and vicious and low and then accuse your opponent of being really sleazy and vicious and low. McDaniel is phony lyin’ piece of drek.


I will simply not stoop to your level. Win or lose, I’d like to be able to wake up on June 4th and be proud of the primary campaign I ran on behalf of Mississippi

How adorable.

The McDaniel campaign don’t have any idea how to engage on this so will try the “turtle defence”.

“Liberal media”

TRANSLATION :They insist on telling people what I’m doing! How DARE they!"


Liberals don’t hunt witches. Wingnuts do.


All anyone need do is listen to these dim wits to understand there is no “hunt” necessary…they identify themselves as plutocratic tools repeatedly and readily…they are negatively exposed merely by creating such absurd narratives on any given day.

Boy these Gooper masterbaiters are sho’ lucky they’re nipping and sniping at each other in a Take That Librul! state.

They’d vote for Jefferson Davis as long as he was right-tard. Oh wait . . .

From the Editors blog:

Meet “Constitutional Clayton” Kelly, the guy who broke into the nursing home of Thad Cochrane’s wife (reportedly in a deep vegetative state) to photograph her because somehow this was going to get Chris McDaniel elected.

Geez, TPM. I know that Mississippi has its problems, but do you have to keep referring to it as a “deep vegetative state”?


These guys don’t get it. Liberals love the Tea Party. They keep moving the GOP inexorably towards extinction.

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McDaniel admits to being a witch?


Which seems totally justified, since the TP really did run a repentent former witch in 2010.

This is the definition of jumping the gun. How many minutes after this were the two other arrests made?

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Victimizer tries to play the victim.

If they found Witches in Salem, MA in the original colonies then surely in the slave states. Religion, politics and tea parties are dangerous.

He’s not a witch. He’s not bright enough to be a witch.

They found three Warlocks so far.

Hmmm. It strikes me as a bit odd that McDaniel is spending so much more energy condemning the Cochran campaign than he is actually denying their accusations.

Methinks he doth protest too much.

Naw, we’re engaged in a Bitch Hunt, and we just found you, Rep. McDaniel. You’re a whiny Bitch. Shut Up Now.

Methinks he’s a typical fucking piece of garbage liar, who will run around trying to escape his lies as long as he can, until someone knocks him the fuck down and holds him there.

Never retreat. Always attack. You have learned well from Newt Alinsky, young ninja. Hey, Gregg Jarrett’s career is over, maybe we can get you a job in New York after all this, OK?