Discussion: Taiwan Elects First Female President, Rejects Pro-China Party

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This is good news for Hillary and humanity in general.


Luckily, this won’t get much discussion on Fox, or lone of the 2-3 people left on Carson’s campaign staff would have to explain to him that Taiwan is not where Thai food comes from.


What political mutation has caused the Taiwan Nationalist Party to become the “China-favoring” party?

That used to be the anti-communist party of Chiang Kai-Shek.

“Taiwan was a Japanese colony from 1885 to 1945 and split again from China amid civil war in 1949.”

No. Taiwan was never ceded to China after 1945. You’re repeating Chinese propaganda here.


The PRC’s heavy-handed tactics in Hong Kong must have factored into the rejection of the KMT’s more conciliatory stance towards it. No one in Taiwan wants any part of Xi and his nostalgia for the Cultural Revolution.

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Because you have to understand that Taiwan was colonialized my KMT’s nationalist forces which still identify as ‘chinese’ rather than ‘taiwanese’ therefore they are part of the same ethnic identity as the CCP and have direct inter-party dialogue.


On that line of thinking, we should also expect them to want to unify with Chinatown in San Francisco.