Discussion: Swing State Poll Finds Clinton Leading In Iowa And Pennsylvania, Tied In Ohio

Can not figure out where these polls are coming from. Here in very red Marion County Iowa we have not encountered one person who has stated they will vote for Trump. Many have said they will not vote for Hillary but in the same breath said they could never vote for Trump… Maybe third party or no vote at all

In public they say they would never vote for Trump because they’d look like a fascist/racist/etc. but when a pollster asks they tell a different story.

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Clinton is in trouble and will remain so until the cloud of the email scandal is gone. I am cautiously optimistic she can still win but I wouldn’t bet money on it.

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i would and i have.


She isn’t in trouble.

This situation was expected and it just shows that folks are locked in regards to the candidate.

Look on the bright side though-Cleveland should be very interesting

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I am going to try to resist the urge to click on these “one poll says such-and-such” stories. They are basically meaningless.

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This in Youngstown OH:

and little different in Pennsyltucky.

I grew up in a staunchly Democratic area. Neighboring West Virginia was as well. But when the party abandoned laborers, the laborers abandoned the party.

If we want to make America great again, the Democratic Party must get back to the principles of FDR.

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she was always going to take a hit with the email decision. time to move on and upward. i can not believe i am going to have to watch some of the GOP convention. isn’t there something about cruel and unusual that can save me from myself? i know, i know, i’m just fucked.

well, riding the coal train is pretty backward thinking. they need to move on. of course, the gops will flog that dead horse as long as they can.

Cat videos on YouTube are 24/7

i think your’e on to something. i really like cats. at least the democratic cats.

There ya go

I might catch up on those Haven episodes that i missed.

Which is a lie,because frankly I want to see that next ‘trump moment’.

yeah… you know that is kind of sick, don’t you?


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After a time

Im just left muttering

‘2016 is gonna 2016’

Over n over again

well shit. you just got me thinking of groundhog day.

its reaching that point

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For perspective:
Over the last few decades, presidential election outcomes within the majority of states have become more and more predictable.

From 1992- 2012
13 states (with 102 electoral votes) voted Republican every time
19 states (with 242) voted Democratic every time

If this 20 year pattern continues, without the National Popular Vote bill in effect,
Democrats only would need a mere 28 electoral votes from other states.
If Republicans lose Florida (29), they would lose.

Some states have not been competitive for more than a half-century and most states now have a degree of partisan imbalance that makes them highly unlikely to be in a swing state position.
• 41 States Won by Same Party, 2000-2012
• 32 States Won by Same Party, 1992-2012
• 13 States Won Only by Republican Party, 1980-2012
• 19 States Won Only by Democratic Party, 1992-2012
• 7 Democratic States Not Swing State since 1988
• 16 GOP States Not Swing State since 1988