Discussion: Swing-District House Democrat Announces Retirement in New Hampshire

I suspect that it will be easy for the Dems to keep that seat given the likely political climate of next years election. They just have to nominate someone who isn’t a complete idiot.


She’d never been a favorite of national Democrats due to her unrepentantly liberal views

That says it all.


Yup, the centrists need to keep those dirty fucking hippies at bay with their stupid ideas like don’t invade Iraq, don’t cut taxes on the wealthy and don’t de-regulate the banks.

Dirty fucking hippies. Hey look gay marriage…yaaaaaay.

Gotta take the party back before we can take back the country.


Still looking for the Democratic Wing of the Democratic Party are you?


A Dem with center-left credentials will win that seat.


I rarely find it here sadly.

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Not if the DNC has anything to do with it.

‘sadly’ it is. TPM has its own Best and Brightest.

DNC has nothing to do with this race. Their mandate is limited to managing the presidential primary process + convention. The DNC chair has, over the past 20 years, had more of a media presence so some people mistakenly believe they have more power and sway than they do.


Moderate/centrist Democrats just want all that corporate money in their coffers, and they’re willing to sell their souls and their country down the river to get that money, and do whatever they have to do to keep that money rolling in…like Biden and his fucking bankruptcy bill.

God help us if this party nominates the likes of Biden, Booker or Harris…

Thanks a heap, Carol. Just what we needed.

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Are you sure? It seems that a lot of recent elections have been won by complete idiots.


I hope and think so. Whether the good people of NH choose a nominee who is center-left, far-left or in between is fine by me so long as that person supports Democrats on core principles and is a strong campaigner. The stakes are too high to fight bitterly amongst ourselves.


Fighting bitterly among ourselves is just what Putin wants.


The definition of ‘core principles’ is where the beef seems to be. When I think of ‘core principles’ I think FDR, not sure moderate Dems agree.

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So do I, but now that Dems have jettisoned the southern bloc, I think we can do better than a social insurance system designed to leave out poor rural people.


When I think of ‘core principles’ I think FDR, not sure moderate Dems agree.

To distinguish and for clarity, New Deal ‘core principles’ vs. Better Deal ‘corporate principles’.

The difference is why we’re where we are.



How about this: an honest, meaningful commitment to universal health care; higher taxes on the wealthy; lower taxes on the poor and middle class; more spending on science, education, and clean energy; less spending on defense; strengthened entitlements and safety-net programs; and ever-broadening steps toward justice and equal opportunity. I’m sure I’m missing some big ones.

The point is that the means and rate of achieving these things is up for debate. But very few Republicans support any of these goals, while most Democrats support all of them … or at least should.


Almost perfect … living wage jobs, strong union participation and ‘you do the crime you do the time.’

Carried away, I know.

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