Discussion: Suspected LA Church Arsonist Thought To Be Motivated By ‘Black Metal Music’

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Tipper Gore would be proud.


I’m impressed. They managed to blame “black” while avoiding tying it to racism.

That’s some Grade A contortionism.


“We are still vetting several motives, however we do have information investigators uncovered and that Matthews had offered, connecting him to black metal music,” Browning said. “It has an association in history with church burnings in other parts of the world.


So Tipper Gore was right about those nasty, dirty lyrics to songs all those years ago? Sheesh.


Beat me by a minute!!


Music, movies, video games are not to blame! Stop looking for excuses


WTF is he talking about?

“Black Metal Music”?

Does he mean “Norwegian DEATH METAL”? a splinter-faction of way, WAY fringe metal genre that was not very popular back in the late 90’s that has pretty much imploded because of the moronic, drug-addled, imbeciles that played it have all either killed themselves off due to their own excesses or are now in Norwegian prisons for their excesses? (for little things like burning down 450 year old churches and killing and EATING THE BRAINS of their bandmates,)

More than likely he was “into” Nazi-Metal. Another sub-sub-sub Metal genre where they glorify Racism, Misogyny, White-Power-Dominance, Antisemitism, and Genocide. It’s only popular with the sad little immature losers who end up either in the White-Power and/or the Incel “movements.”

This is the single STUPIDEST comment I have ever seen by a police force DESPERATE to cover up the fact that the guy who did this is the SON of one of their officers and that “the apple does not fall far from the tree.”


I’m just waiting for dude’s Spotify list to get leaked.


Now that Dungeons and Dragons is very mainstream, they need to blame something.

I wonder, can we think of anything else that’s tied to black churches being burned? Some other movement? Some other philosophy?

I’m calling it now: Burny McBurnface’s father, or one of his friends, was responsible for the attempted burning of the 4th church (the white one) to help keep this from being prosecuted a hate crime, which would bring in the feds.


I didn’t know they set the Republican platform to music. Hunh.


Black Metal is not about race, and most of the musicians are white. Black Metal is more about darkness and death with a satanic aura. It’s rather ugly music.


I just found out that Opeth is lumped in the progressive death metal care and they aren’t even similar to the Norwegian doofuses.

I hate this era.


Didn’t say it was about race. I’m quite aware of that. But they managed to work the word “black” into their excuse. Maybe it was just habit, being in the good old Bible Belt. Who knows.


It can be seen as such, but a group like Opeth sings more about melancholic stuff.

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So the perp was a white man and a cop’s son?

I look forward to the hours of stories on fox, bemoaning the failure of the parents to teach family values and responsibility to their kids.


Since it’s actually called Black Metal, I don’t think there was any ulterior motive (conscience or unconscience) with the use of the word “black”.

ETA: You are correct that the burning of black churches in Louisiana is definitely racist and crimes of hate. Maybe I interpreted your first comment incorrectly.

It is pretty fun to watch Dee Snider’s testimony at the congressional hearing:


Unfortunately, that is accurate. There was a scene in Norway in the 90s in which a few Black Metal guys (one in particular, Varg Vikernes) burned down historic wooden churches. Mr Varg also murdered one of his bandmates. He’s now out of prison, and literally a Nazi and has a following in the pagan/white supremacy intersection.


I hope the community takes a good look at daddy. Patterns of hate often begin at home.