Discussion: Susan Collins Confirms She Will Vote To Block GOP Health Care Bill

Let’s see if she sticks to her guns. I have my doubts.


Collins and Heller get a pass from McConnell. Still waiting for the news that moves the needle.


I have no doubt she will be a firm no until Thursday.


My first idea reading this was that Sen. McConnell must have commitments from 50 senators safely in the bag. And now I wonder whether that makes me cynical or just a realist? For the record, I hope the answer is “cynical”.


Indeed. I’m not standing corrected yet. Not with her or any of them who are claiming concerns so far.


Call me crazy, but I believe her. She wants to run for governor next year, and she can’t have this anvil around her neck. She’s already going to be tied to LePage, and voting for this shit sammy would be career ending. Beyond that, I don’t recall her ever coming out and saying she would or wouldn’t vote for something and then changing her mind. This thing is political napalm and many of them know it.


OK. Collins is one. Who are our second & third GOP “NO” votes? Is there any way that Rand Paul votes for this abortion? Dean Heller is getting pounded by negative ads from PACs on the far right.
How about Mike Lee & Ted Cruz?

Where are two more GOP Senators with some cojones… To make three willing to stand against the deluge? And will any others be emboldened to step up, now they know there are dissenters? Any others like Capito or Murkowski (from Medicaid-dependent states)? Where are our profiles in courage?


There’s another piece up claiming that Rand Paul, Heller and Collins are all “No”, meaning somebody has to back down or this thing rots on the vine. May still all be Kabuki theatre, but things are looking up…


It would seem if there is a firm three the dike would break allowing a flood of no’s and no vote before break. The question seems to be what happens after the 4th of July break?


Sen. Susan Collins: “I will vote no on mtp.”

mtp = Mitch’s Tax-cut Plan


I think that’s exactly what we’re going to see over the next 72 hours. They’ve got three solid no votes, and anyone sitting in a blue or purple state would be a plum fool to vote for this now. Which means Ron Johnson is a yes. Folks have got to be thinking that it’s better to try to fight off a primary challenger than to get killed in the general.

ETA: I just don’t see the point in kabucki theater less tab 72 hours from the vote. What’s it supposed to accomplish other than creating a ready made ad to run against you?


More likely Mitch will revise his timetable and claim that senators are too busy packing up to go home for the Glorious Fourth.

Well, this is a effing big surprise.
Collins said she wanted to fix ACA.
Not repeal and replace, but fix ACA.
I guess she is the only republican who can read polls.


Silver lining is We can call her Cavewoman Collins if she flips.


Shorter Susan: “I don’t want to get primaried by Koch Industries for voting for this dog’s breakfast of a bill. Let the big boys take little Donnie on the playground.”

Very well and good, Senator … but no cookie for you :frowning:

So Mitch gave her one of the two passes. Who gets the other one?


It’s amusing to see a few Republicans now claim that they’re going to vote no on this bill because of the CBO score.

This bill is virtually the same as the House bill, and the CBO score on that one was toxic. Did anyone think that this bill would be any different?

Besides - the CBO is looking at the wrong metrics. Did they look to see how many people are getting huge tax breaks and how much they’re saving?

If you look at it that way, this bill is all rainbows, unicorns and covfefe.


I understand that Maine has the biggest white and elderly population in the country. Those folks would need Medicaid. There’s also a large population of people with opioid addictions and treatment such as it is is provided through Medicaid. I’d be very surprised and disappointed if she didn’t do what she says.


I think this is a shell game. She has done this in the past as has McCain and a few others. This is a preliminary vote. I will be impressed and give her proper credit when she votes nay on the final vote.