Discussion: Supreme Court To Hear Case On Racial Bias In Jury Selection

This should be confusing to Justice Roberts, since racial issues really aren’t a problem anymore.


The second season of the “In The Dark” podcast is all about the Curtis Flowers cases. I highly recommend it.

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The ability to be race-neutral to the point of not even seeing skin color is just one of the superpowers that the long-bearded white guy in the sky has granted to us whites.


And for anyone that wants to use this case to tout that there’s more racism in the south…and I’m not using it to say there’s more up north, just that as long as you got white folks you’re probably going to have racism against non-whites.

I worry that case like this will not only get wrong decided, they’ll be used to set wider precedents.

So if Flowers is innocent, he’s spent more than 20 years in jail and the local DA has spent millions of dollars all to help the actual murderer stay free…