Discussion: Supreme Court May Legalize Marriage Equality Across USA Within A Year

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Hark! What are those tiny little pops that I do hear?

'Tis the sweet, sweet sound of Teabagger heads, exploding in a surge of impotent derp.

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I think equality will win, too, and it will come sooner rather than later.

But, all you straight white males out there: Try to imagine what it’s like sitting back waiting for a small number of men to decide whether you have equality or not. We gays and lesbians know what that’s like, as do women, and as do minorities.

Can’t live in a world with gay marriage??



Silly, silly man.

Most of them evidently have conveniently-placed holes to relieve the pressure, otherwise their brains would’ve exploded long ago.

Anyway, to be fair, it’s not just the TPers in this context. Until relatively recently, a large number of supposedly-liberal-ish Dems opposed marriage equality, or at least didn’t have the courage to publicly support it. That included President Obama, and DOMA itself was signed by President Clinton.

The Democratic Party is all “We Are Family” now, but it had to be dragged to that point.

OK, when are we gonna hear from Virginia? Will they be next?

If Scalia and Co. thought they could win it, they’d vote to take the case. Same goes for the gals and guy on the other side. So I expect the Supremes to grant cert, and by this time next year SSM may be doing its insidious best to destroy my hetero marriage even here in godly Missouri. FSM save us!

What makes anyone think the SCOTUS will even grant cert on the Utah case?

They denied cert in the PA case the same day Utah filed their appeal from the 10th Circuit.

To reiterate, Alito denied cert in the PA same-sex marriage appeal yesterday as well. Though they are of course separate cases. I personally think the SCOTUS will stay out of this and let the dominies continue to fall at the appellate level until it pretty much ends up being a near fait accompli if and when a full faith and credit case pops up.

I speculate that might be the case since so far we have no conflicting rulings at the appellate level post-Windsor, having them all go against the bans.

I regret to have to admit that even though I am a lawyer, I am not a SupCt expert. What is the impact if the SupCt denies cert in the Utah case? Does that act as an affirmance of the ruling and it has national effect, or does it only apply to the states of the 10th Circuit?

I think, by the way, that there is a high likelihood that the SupCt will deny cert. At present there is no circuit split and the Windsor decision is barely a year old; as such, it seems that it may be premature for the Supremes to be weighing in on this. I could be wrong (I often am), but that is my read of the tea leaves.

Only problem is, if THAT court gets it, its dead.

If they deny cert the 10th Circuit decision stands, but only for 10th Circuit states. However it does mean that all the stays on implementation would be lifted, so SSM would begin in all those states. It’d also discourage any other states from appealing directly to SCOTUS. The anti-equality side’s only hope at that point would be to try for a circuit split. Barring that, SSM would eventually go national by default.