Discussion: Study: 94% Of Public School Teachers Spend Own Money On Classroom Needs

My wife is a teacher in Texas and I have documented about $1000/per year on classroom supplies. Granted, between my wife and I we have a above average income so it really is not a huge burden but we know quite a few teachers for which any amount is a burden.

My wife also spend many more hours outside of the the classroom in the evenings and weekends preparing and grading, etc.

I always say that teachers don’t have to strike, they just have to stick to the terms of their contracts. No school supplies and strict adherence to the contract hours. It would all grind to a halt. Unfortunately, it would primarily hurt kids and the legislatures could give a crap.


My sister taught public school for 30+ years. She averaged $2,000 - $4,000 per year out of her own pocket for food, books, supplies, and assistance of various kinds. She ran tutorials at 6 am to feed kids breakfast and help them learn how to do science projects, research, etc. (Her parents were predominantly low income and without the kind of education that allowed them to help their older kids.). I’m sure she saved some from joining gangs and helped others get to college. When asked if any parents might be illegals, she simply said “My job is to educate to the best of my ability every kid who walks in that door. I don’t ask other questions.” She is my hero and there are many teachers just like her.


The state of schools shows just how much we
as a nation value an informed, educated citizenship. Ha. One way to help directly is through
DonorsChoose.com. Teachers describe projects for which they need funding. The organization verifies the request, prices it, and then collects the money and spends it on the project. It’s something that shouldn’t be needed but is. And the thank you notes from some of the kids are cute.
I guess this is just another example of letting the ‘marketplace’ do what government should be doing but isn’t. The answer isn’t charity, it’s proper funding for every aspect of education, including teachers and books.